Does the Cisco CCNA Exam Require You To Know About Crypto?

by Sudarsan

The rise of a cryptocurrency over the past few years has been meteoric, but many people still don’t understand what it is or how to use it. There are thousands of career opportunities in cybersecurity and information technology that are connected to cryptocurrency or that may involve working with crypto, accelerated by the rise in hacks and cybercrimes that have occurred in recent years. However, many people who are looking for careers in information technology may not be aware of how much they’re required to know in order to pass their CCNA exam. The CCNA certification, which is awarded upon completion of the exam, provides the foundation for a number of careers in the IT world.
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Keep reading to learn if Cisco’s CCNA exam requires that you know about crypto.

What is cryptocurrency?


Before getting into the details of the CCNA exam, it’s important that you understand what exactly cryptocurrency is and how it works. Crypto is a digital currency that operates on a secure ledger that uses cryptography, called the blockchain. It can be used in exchange for goods and services much like fiat currency in areas where it is accepted as payment. The anonymity and security of these transactions is the primary appeal for cryptocurrency enthusiasts. However, the fluctuating nature of the value of various crypto assets has also made it popular with investors and those seeking to make a profit through trading crypto.

Crypto is typically purchased on one of the many cryptocurrency exchanges. These exchanges may seem to provide similar services, but the pros and cons of each individual platform can vary significantly. Many exchanges like Coinbase even offer premium options, so learning the differences between services like Coinbase Pro vs Coinbase is also a good idea. Before making your next crypto purchase, put in the time to find a cryptocurrency exchange that has transaction fees, purchase limits, and platform features that meet your needs.
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Does Cisco’s CCNA exam require you understand crypto?

The Cisco CCNA exam tests your knowledge on topics like network fundamentals and access, IP connectivity and services, automation, programmability, and other security fundamentals. The idea behind the CCNA certification is that it provides you with broad knowledge and expertise in a range of concepts that provide a foundation for entry into a career in information technology. Because of need for the exam to test a wide range of basic and foundational skills, specific career specialties like cryptocurrency aren’t explored in depth.

Though the CCNA exam doesn’t specifically test for detailed knowledge related to cryptocurrency, that doesn’t mean it isn’t important for you to understand if you aspire to work in cybersecurity or IT.
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Cybercrimes related to cryptocurrency are on the rise, and many companies are desperate for employees who can protect their assets. Many experts project that there could be as many as 1.8 million unfilled cybersecurity jobs by 2022. The CCNA exam is a good place to start for anyone looking to develop the skills necessary to pursue a more advanced career.

It’s not surprising that the discussion of how IT and cybersecurity can intersect with cryptocurrency continues to grow, as the adoption of crypto has increased substantially over the past few years, leaving many businesses and individuals vulnerable. Before specializing in advanced fields like cryptocurrency, it’s important to have basic IT skills. The CCNA exam is designed to provide those foundational skills, which will prepare you for a wide range of career opportunities. While you may not be tested about the finer points of cryptocurrency during your CCNA exam, you should still invest time into learning due to how relevant it may be to your future career and the opportunities that understanding crypto may open up for you.

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