Engineered Bamboo: Facts You Should Know About This Contemporary Building Material

by Sudarsan

For many years, bamboo has been used in a variety of purposes. It can be used to build homes, create different types of clothing made from its fiber, mould household utensils, or even eat it as food. Despite its many applications, one might be wondering if there’s anything new that can be added or introduced to bamboo.

Fortunately, with the advent of technical innovation, there is a new and upgraded version of this otherwise ancient construction material which is called engineered bamboo. If you want to learn more about this contemporary twist, read on to know what exactly is engineered bamboo, including its many applications and uses around the home.

Introducing Engineered Bamboo: Basic Facts About This New Building Material

Bamboo is incredibly strong and flexible but still lightweight, which makes it a perfect building material for homes and commercial properties alike. However, with the rise of other construction materials such as steel and concrete, many people turn to these instead as they are fast, efficient, and predictable.

Fortunately, with Engineered Bamboo, there is now a remarkable and far superior alternative to traditional bamboo which does not suffer from the disadvantages of wood such as decay due to fungi and warping from moisture.

What is Engineered Bamboo?

Engineered bamboo is made possible by new technological innovations and modernism. It is characterized by timber-like slats that are as versatile as wood but much lighter, allowing it to be easily constructed and built to any space or angle you like.

Feel free to use it as a room divider to separate open spaces in your home, or as a privacy screen to block off your neighbor’s prying eyes. When used as a shading, you’ll also find it extremely effective while still letting a bit of light in.
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You can even clad your wall with it for an aesthetically appealing look in a particular room.

Engineered bamboo is also extremely stable and easy to maintain, without any of the hassle and concerns one might experience with ordinary bamboo. Furthermore, it’s relatively easy for amateurs to install on their own as the material is pretty straightforward.

The Manufacturing Process

Engineered bamboo is created by cutting newly harvested bamboo into long thin strips. These flat strips are then usually bonded to a base layer of cross-laminated fibreboard or plywood by using resin.

This combination of the processed bamboo strips with another layer of timber material further fortifies the natural properties of bamboo which is already stronger and flexible than steel.
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Overall, these timber-like slats can be used as an alternative for timber.

Engineered Bamboo: Where to Buy

House of Bamboo, a reliable supplier of high-quality sustainable materials, offers a range of engineered bamboo from cladding to slatted battens. These can be used in a variety of ways around the home, perfect for privacy screening, pool compliant fencing, shading and ceiling solutions, and so much more.
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You can also choose to customize your engineered bamboo accordingly as it can be cut to any desired length or sections for easy installation. To learn more, visit their website.

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