Everything you Need to Know About WordPress and Web3

by Sudarsan

Web3 is a third generation of the World Wide Web that uses blockchains and NFTs to provide people more control over their online financial transactions, social connections, and political parties.

Web3 will significantly impact startups like WordPress. WordPress plugins and projects use web3 technology.

Web3 Technology and WordPress

Automattic’s Web3 Lead describes Web3 as “decentralized digital tools that offer people new possibilities to organize and participate .”These creative WordPress uses to open up new possibilities for improvement.

These technologies may require more information while signing in or doing other tasks. They also inspire new platform development.

Web3 shares WordPress’s goal of making publishing and commerce accessible. Web3 allows us the flexibility to transact and capabilities for borderless coordination that we’ve never had. These tools and independence allow us a mechanism to jointly scale transactions and meaning in the same way that the web gave us the concept to scale ideas and communication.

WordPress and web3 are essential to understanding the possibilities:

WordPress Web3 Examples

We’ll look at some Web3 WP-managed projects to see how web3 works and how it might fit with WordPress and open-source software. Web3 WordPress introduces people to the future of the distributed web.

Writing NFTS

WordPress may adopt web3 by minting NFTs for content writers like Mirror. Select “NFT” for your new blog post in a mirrored editor and tap “Publish.”

This feature lets bloggers do more than publish articles. It’s timestamped on a blockchain, so they can quickly claim possession and sell it. WordPress may monetize articles, embedded videos, podcasts, and images. One of the most fundamental things about web3: it supports artists to create in a way they can’t today.

NFTs for WordPress Content Creators

“Popularly stupid photos of monkeys” (NFTS) can represent anything unique or special (i.e., non-fungible). Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) can support artists and creators, course completion, assignment completion, and more. Thus, WordPress site members and producers can be encouraged and supported. This is vital. Creators create everything. He said improving WordPress users’ experiences will boost their company’s value.

NFTs allow authors to pre-program payments; therefore, they can help. The developer or anybody else can collect a royalty from every NFT transaction, regardless of platform or buyers and sellers. Set it up such that you always get 10% of the first five transactions or 1% of the sales permanently.

Token Gating

Web3 and WordPress can also build token gating. Token gating is the “idea that you may unlock experiences, both online and in real life, by connecting your web3 wallet and various experiences depending on whatever tokens your wallet contains.”

E-commerce companies may utilize these tokens to provide their most loyal consumers and community members early access to sales, exclusive discounts, or the chance to personalize their purchases.

Token gating could also combat online store bots. Online retailers struggle with exclusive products because automated systems buy them. “Using token gating, you can define who can buy your shares and how many they may acquire,” which bots cannot replicate.

Wapuu NFTs Collection

Wapuu represents WordPress. Since 2011, Word Camps worldwide have collected Wapuu swag, but Web3 WP created 2,222 unique Wapuus that can be minted as NFTs. Ethereum allows WordPress users to swap NFTs.

Sales donate half of the transaction fees to the WordPress Foundation. That’s why a Wapuu NFT is like holding WordPress’s future.

They may be used for token gating. Even if they fail, they’re entertaining.

12 Wapuu NFT WordPress themes are now available.

WordPress Core Team Payment

WordPress developers and contributors address bugs and add functionality. WordPress’ Five for the Future campaign and credits/badge system promote and acknowledge contributions.

Web3 WP is creating collectible “WordPress Core Contributor” coins for each of WordPress’s 41 significant releases, starting with version 0.7. Donors receive this unique souvenir. They aim to incentivize core contributions in a way that wasn’t possible before web3 technology.

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