Factors to Consider While Choosing Whether to Live in a Tiny House or an RV

by Sudarsan

With prices of properties soaring across the country, it is common for people to opt for tiny homes.

These homes might be smaller than your average property, but they are designed and built to utilize every inch of space. Not only are these properties practical for living, but they are also very comfortable and affordable.

A tiny home is similar to an RV but without wheels. An RV is the perfect accommodation for someone who likes to travel without leaving the comfort of their home. With the advent of work-from-home jobs, many people are choosing to stay in an RV while remote-working as it allows you to explore different cities in the country.

But, if you want to decide between opting for a tiny house or an RV as your permanent residence, then it can be very challenging to make the decision.

There are many factors to consider before making the ideal choice between a TINY HOUSE VS RV

Type of Residence You Want to Live In

It is one of the primary facts that can affect your decision. You must determine what type of residence you want and opt for if you wish to live primarily in one place or you want to travel around the country.

By opting for a tiny home, you can have the opportunity to settle down with your family and enjoy the serenity of a good neighborhood. A tiny home can be a perfect starter for a young couple or a small family.

On the other hand, by choosing to make an RV your home, you can enjoy the flexibility and the freedom to travel anywhere. With this recreational van, you can hop from one city to another without leaving your home.

Your Profession

Not every profession provides you with the opportunity to work from home.

If you have a traditional job wherein you have to report to the office to attend meetings and deal with clients, then living in an RV is not an option.

If that is the case, a tiny house is the most suitable option for you. 

On the other hand, if your work enables you to work remotely at all times, you can consider living in an RV.

Requirements to Set Up

It is easier to set up a tiny home once you have built it, and it is pretty easy to maintain. In addition, you do not have to worry about the number of items in the place because it does not have any weight limitations like an RV.

So, consider whether you can keep up with the maintenance and the limitations of a home on wheels compared to a micro-home.

It is one of the major dilemmas that will impact your decision when choosing a tiny house vs. an RV.


To live comfortably, you will need water, heating, electricity, and sanitation facilities. These are the necessities required to sustain oneself.

All these facilities are easily available in a home, but if you opt for an RV, you might have to make some sacrifices.

For instance, a home is better heated or cooled than an RV since you are more exposed to the environment.

Furthermore, acquiring all the fixtures and tools to keep the facilities functioning in your RV might cost you a significant amount of money comparatively.

Both types of accommodations have their perks, and the one that is suitable for you depends upon your personal preferences, the kind of job you have, and your budget.

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