The 3 Tips To Follow When Staging A House For Sale

by Sudarsan Chakraborty

Selling a house these days is easier and faster than ever due to the hot Colorado real estate market. Many sellers are thinking that they really don’t have to do much to sell a house and can put it up as is and still make lots of money. The reality is that putting the house in the best possible light will bring in even more money so it is worth it to take extra time to stage it well.

Staging a house is a way to make it look perfect for the buyer and allows them to see themselves in the house. It is a tactic that works to get higher offers than you ordinarily would get. If you stage it right and then do an open house, you are more likely to have a bidding war happen between the viewers. In this article, we will go over what you need to do to stage a house.

1. Do a Deep Cleaning

When a viewing is done, people should walk into the house and see it absolutely sparkle. The effect should be that nobody ever lived there and it looks like a showroom. This means that you should have a professional cleaner come in and do the job so that it is spotless.
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The carpets should be steam cleaned so they look new and there is no lingering smell from the years of accumulation of dust. Even the furniture should be steam cleaned to get rid of any stains and to also eliminate any odors that might be lingering.

All the windows should be cleaned so that the natural sunlight can come streaming in as well.

The reason to have the place so clean isn’t just to show off the house. It is to give the impression that there is nothing that would be out of place if they were to move in right away. If the house is left dirty, it could be assumed that there are things that they don’t see which will cause them problems later.

2. Think About The Lighting

Natural light is the ideal light to illuminate the staged house. This is because things look far cozier and less sterile when bathed in natural light.
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Look to open the curtains as widely as possible and not have any furniture in the way that would block the light from getting in.

If it is cloudy out or the viewing is at night try to get natural light bulbs to give the illusion of sunlight and not harsh artificial lights.

3. Paint It Neutral

White paint can make the house look too bright and even sterile like a doctor’s office. However, it should have a fresh paint job in a tone that will allow the viewer to imagine themselves in the house.

Look for neutral colors that are understated so they don’t stand out. This is because if you use a bright or bold color it could contrast with the personality of the viewer and result in them not seeing themselves in the house after all.

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