Five Benefits of IV Therapy

by Alan Roody

Sydney is one of the busiest cities in the country, with over 117,258 people employed in various jobs. With a busy lifestyle, health often gets compromised. As a result, sixty-seven per cent of the adult population on the continent is either overweight or obese, including Sydney’s residents. Also, around 4.8 million Australians have mental or behavioral conditions. One of the greatest causes of weak health conditions is low immunity and nutrition in people.  

This need has consequently led to an increase in popularity amongst medical practitioners of treatment through an IV drip in Sydney. An IV drip provides nearly 100% absorption of vital minerals and nutrients compared to oral supplements, which only offer 30% to 80% absorbability. Every IV drip treatment ensures that cells receive the nutrients required to improve health. 

IV therapy is delivered directly to the bloodstream and bypasses the digestive tract. It transports hydration and nutrients to the body. Vitamin drip is a special type of IV therapy. It efficiently delivers vitamins, minerals, and medications to the body via an IV drip. 

One may know IV drips are primarily used in hospital settings for patient recovery. However, there are little known other benefits of IV drip treatment. Here are a few benefits of IV drip treatment.

Improved wellness

Wellness is not only concerned with physical health but also mental well-being. The body requires a certain level of vitamins and minerals to work optimally. The demands of daily life can make it challenging to obtain these. But a vitamin treatment through an IV drip in Sydney can help deliver nutrients to the body, which can be absorbed and used immediately to support mental health. 

Wellness benefits of IV treatments are the following:

  • Improve energy with L-Carnitine
  • Support brain, skin, muscle, heart, and immune health with vitamin A.
  • Optimise Energy with B-Vitamins 

Prevention of illness

Numerous factors can take a toll on your immune health. These are stress, lack of sleep, and poor diet. When your immune system is compromised, you are more vulnerable to sickness. IV vitamin therapy strengthens your immunity by providing your body with vital nutrients to combat illness.

The following are illness prevention benefits of IV treatments:

  • Fight illness and stress with vitamin C
  • Combat illness with zinc 
  • Improve cellular repair with vitamin B12. This vitamin promotes healthy blood levels and the nervous system functioning.

Quick relief from hangovers

Alcohol dehydrates your body and sucks out nutrients in the process. It shrinks tissues which result in headaches and muscle cramps. The liver also releases toxins adding to your discomfort. But IV therapy can mitigate these hangover symptoms.

The following are hangover relief benefits: 

  • Hydration through saline solution alongside anti-inflammatory ingredients relieves pain quickly.
  • Hydration helps reduce headaches, urinary and kidney problems which are side effects of hangovers.
  • Toradol, which is an anti-inflammatory medicine delivered directly to the vein, helps rapidly mitigate pain.

Beauty enhancement

Beauty must start on the inside. In contrast to topical treatments, IV therapy delivers antioxidants directly to the body. It helps cleanse cells of free radicals that cause aging and damage to tissues.

Enhanced beauty benefits are the following:

  • B complex vitamins nourish hair and nails
  • Get radiant skin with boosted collagen production via delivery of vitamin C 
  • Glutathione has antioxidant power that combats physiological symptoms of aging and oxidative stress.

What is considered beautiful in Sydney? In Sydney, like the rest of Australia, healthy skin and attractive eyes are considered the most desirable attributes of physical beauty. When Sydney’s women feel they need a lift, they are more likely to have a massage than plastic surgery.

Quick recovery

Any workout will fatigue the body. Exercise results in muscle tiredness while also causing a buildup of free radicals. An IV vitamin therapy treatment eliminates these and restores hydration and nutrients in the body.

The following are athletic recovery benefits from IV treatments:

  • Muscle loss is decreased, and amino acids improve metabolism.
  • Get instant hydration and nutrient delivery for recovery at a quicker rate and improved performance as well.

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