Have You Been Wasting Energy Lately?

by Sudarsan

Today we are going to pop a few bubbles regarding energy-saving tips. Let’s not play the blame game anymore and educate ourselves by adopting practical strategies to preserve electricity.

Fans Cool the Room

The fans are necessary for the summer or humid time because they cool the room. However, that is not the case in actuality. Fans cool your skin, but even that feature is contingent. The fans will no longer cool the skin when your air temperature inside the room is more than 90 degrees.

Even though fans will make the heat bearable and are inexpensive than air conditioning, the fan will generate heat instead of keeping the air cold.

Each time you Google a question, the search engine uses 0.0003 of energy to answer the question. The energy consumption produces 0.2g of carbon dioxide, thus polluting the planet. Google may be contributing to the greenhouse effect.

Turning Off the Appliances

We are aware of turning off the television when no one is watching it. We advise turning off the microwave oven when it’s not in use. Turning off appliances is always marketed as a way to save energy.

However, the logic falls flat because of vampire electricity. Even when the devices are switched off but left plugged in, they consume electricity so the sensors and systems can continue running. These appliances are still drawing out electricity to remain operational.

Vampire electricity is a bitter truth for microwaves, space heaters, phone chargers, and other appliances. Therefore, we suggest plugging out the appliances completely to save energy.

Install LED bulbs to further save energy after plugging out appliances. These are cheaper and will illuminate the houses and offices far better. Furthermore, you will also encounter a reduced electricity bill.

Do Not Turn Off the Thermostat!

Have you ever turned off the thermostat before leaving the house? The step you take is in bona fide intentions to reduce energy expenses. However, it is costlier for you. Each time you enter your home and turn on the thermostat, the ventilation has to work overtime to reach the desired temperature.

Bake pizzas and save the planet! An oven uses fifty percent less energy than a microwave. Therefore, limit the use of microwaves.

The rooms will take longer to cool down, thus increasing the electricity bill. Utility bidder suggests setting the thermostat at a comfortable temperature and leaving it there. By doing so, the system won’t restart each time you turn it on.

New Windows Save Energy

Deciding to install newer windows will cost you a pretty penny because they are better at being energy efficient. They will make the house look better and provide comfort. Furthermore, new windows will also increase the property value. However, they won’t return the investment in the shape of energy savings. 

Save Energy for a Better Tomorrow

Next time someone proposes using the techniques mentioned above to reduce energy wastage, it’s your responsibility to educate them regarding the misconceptions. Practicing efficient and practical energy-saving techniques will result in a safer tomorrow. 

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