Why is Help from Dog Bite Lawyers in Norristown, PA, Crucial?

by Sudarsan

Violent incidents, animal bites, and dog attacks are frightening. When an animal strikes, whether it is a short bite or a severe “biting, clawing and shaking,” it can cause physical and emotional damage to the victim. It can also cause severe monetary loss. It is especially true when small kids are molested and require many surgeries or when a family’s mainstay is unable to work due to their wounds.

However, the dog bite lawyers in Norristown, PA, understand that this is a significant issue in the United States. It is estimated that approximately four million dog attack cases occur in the United States (be it a stray dog, small dog, or large dog breeds) each year, with many of them needing hospitalization or emergency hospital treatments. Most of these victims are innocent young children with no fault of their own. 

It’s common knowledge that not all dogs that bite are evil. Dogs are known as man’s best buddies for a cause, and solicitors normally do not urge for dogs to be snatched away from their masters or put down.

On the other hand, the dog owners must take accountability for their pet’s aggression on people who have no fault of their own by compensating them for pain and misery, medical costs, and lost revenue. Whereas most dog owners and their insurance providers do this, others do not. If you or a family member or a close friend has been critically hurt in an animal attack or severe dog bite, contact dog bite lawyers in Norristown, PA, right away so that you may obtain the compensation you deserve after an animal attack. Here are a few steps to follow.

  • If you live in Norristown and have been involved in a major dog accident, you should immediately consult with a dog bite lawyer.
  • Any catastrophe can result in catastrophic injuries and financial losses, but a lawyer can fight for you.
  • The Norristown dog bite lawyer will evaluate who is to blame for your injury and will assist you in filing your case.

Who is Legally Culpable in Case of a Dog Bite? 

Dog attack cases are decided differently around the United States. Each state has its own legislative method for determining injuries and responsibility, and each state has its own set of rules and duties for both owners and victims. Some hold liability based on knowledge of a dog’s propensity to attack, while others do not. However, in Pennsylvania, whenever a dog attacks, bites, or otherwise cause injuries to any person, the animal’s owner is financially liable for the medical expenses incurred. 

Medical Expenses

The medical costs are subject to “strict responsibility,” as stated by the Statute of Pennsylvania; according to this act, it implies that if an animal attacks or a dog bites a person, the owner is instantly accountable for any hospital expenditures incurred. It would make no difference if the master knew the dog might attack or bite. This implies that even if the gentlest, friendliest, and most well-mannered dog bites a victim, the owner must pay the medical expenditures. It is a “no-fault” technique with just a few exemptions.

Agony and Anguish

When a dog causes “serious harm,” a victim may be liable for serious pain, anguish, lost earnings, and other damages. Fractures, bone damage, ripped flesh, disfiguring gashes needing stitches, the necessity for plastic surgery, and other severe and terrible damages are examples of severe injuries. A victim must establish that the pet owner was irresponsible in handling the dog to obtain these damages. This strategy is “fault” oriented and involves certain previous information that the dog is highly aggressive and may bite or strike.

Dog and animal bite situations can be hard to prove without the assistance of an expert dog bite lawyer in Norristown, PA. In these circumstances, the wounds are frequently severe, especially when young children are severely attacked and molested, prompting insurer consultants to struggle harder to reduce compensation. Here is where a lawyer comes into the scene and helps you get the deserved justice.

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