Hotels Will Struggle During The COVID-19 Pandemic

by Sudarsan

Many companies including hotels will struggle through this harsh period of the coronavirus pandemic. With little companies remaining open, especially if they cannot implement social distancing rules, it’s easy to say that this will have a long-term effect on many companies, and most-definitely the hotel industry.

With the Hotel industries market primarily being based on holiday travellers and business travellers, it’s hard to attract customers with these travel restrictions in place. This hurts British and American hotels (or hotels in other bad COVID areas) that are based in the United Kingdom, United States or related countries that are hurting from COVID the most.

Real Estate agents like Magna Global Group are doing a fantastic job in managing everything well from staff to projects during this unprecedented time. One of the Chief Executives of Magna Global, Oliver Mason, had this to say:

“It has been hard, but I’m sure it has for everyone,” he said, “it’s nice to know you’re not alone. Many hotel owners have had conversations with us about the future. We know it’s going to take a hit on the hotel chain, but we also know if we stay ambitious and positive we will get through this COVID-19 crisis and not just us, but everyone else will too.”

Oliver Mason, Chief Executive of Magna Global UK

As we proceed with the future, so does COVID-19. With the uncertainty of a second wave (that being the biggest fear in this industry especially), it’s like what Oliver Mason said, we need to stay positive and look ahead. Many hotel companies are already struggling and it’s important we also support them during this time.

As the COVID-19 cases begin to drop in number severity, it’s important we get going again. However, once we begin in this ‘new normal’, we need to apply COVID-19 measures to help avoid the spread for a potential second wave.
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Our biggest fear is the second wave of this invisible killer, let’s work together to avoid this potentiality.

If you cannot implement these COVID-19 social distancing measures, then it’s best not to re-open and rather work from home. Sadly, this is the reality and will hurt your business, but if we want to stop further damage to our industry, we all need to help each other and take part, if you are doing this, then only go to work if it’s essential!

This is the best thing we can do as an industry to end this short term, leading to a further minimal effect. If we let this slip, it will be tougher than the first and if a second wave were to occur, I believe in our industry and what Oliver Mason said, if we keep our head up high and try our best, we can make this recovery happen without a doubt.

I wish everyone in this industry good luck, if we work together, we can all make it out this unprecedented period together. Let’s beat the coronavirus, prevent further deaths, and start our road to recovery in the hotel industry together.

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