How A Commercial Electrician Is Helpful to Your Business Success

by Sudarsan

A well-functioning electrical system is essential for a business’s daily operations. Reliable and safe access to electricity ensures you have no business interruptions. This is vital as you will not be in breach of safety and work health safety standards. Thus, it is necessary to have a commercial electrician who is a guide to your business and a valuable partner too. However, what are the specific ways that commercial electrician from Chicago can be of assistance? Below are some ways a commercial electrician can be helpful to your business success.  

Lighting control 

Real-World Applications of Commercial Lighting Control Systems :: Energy  Management Collaborative, LLC

Did you know that your lighting system accounts for more than 50% of your electricity bill? Thus, working with an experienced commercial electrician is best for lighting control to help you save on the lighting cost. For instance, you can introduce activated dimming systems, upgrade wall systems, and also you can have lighting controls that are scheduled to automatically switch off after work hours. Also, you can work with your electrician to have updated lighting control for different zone needs. Such as for training rooms, offices or cubicles, corridors as they have different lighting control requirements. Not only will optimized lighting control help you save on power, but it will enhance the comfort, utility, and productivity of your workers. 

Testing and tagging appliances 

Are Workplaces Legally Required to Test and Tag? | workingwise

This involves checking your business’s electrical appliances and making sure that they are safe to operate. Through performing a visual check, a commercial electrician will check for damage before they test each appliance with specialist appliance equipment. Afterward, they will affix a tag to show the particular appliance is tested and safe to use. On the tag, they will also indicate the next test date. In this way, your work staff knows the appliances safe to use and they minimize the risk of electrical accidents and shocks. 

Switchboard maintenance

Switchgear and Switchboard Inspection and Testing Guide

Electrical distribution equipment, over time, deteriorates and ages, reducing both safety and distribution efficiency. Yet, some commercial and industrial sites rely on low and sometimes medium voltage switchboards for power distribution. Thus, a well-trained commercial electrician will help in maintaining switchboards to ensure they work effectively. As a result, you will eliminate unnecessary equipment repair and replacement costs and you will enhance electrical safety on the site. When you get effective switchboard maintenance, it saves you costs of upgrading the switchboards as it increases their lifespan. 

Circuit breaker testing 

Testing and commissioning of HV power transformers, circuit breakers, CTs  and VTs | EEP

This type of testing is designed to test how your tripping structure works as a whole and the switching system. It is an important test to support the reliability and safety performance of your circuit breaker. In your business premises, the circuit breakers help insulate contacts from one another and conducting electric currents. Also, when there’s a fault they disconnect the fault current quickly to protect your equipment. Circuit breakers can become worn out over time and can experience main faults like short circuits in coils. For this reason, regular testing helps to test these issues and prevent them before they cause business interruptions from equipment damage or staff injury in your business. 

Energy efficiency 

Having a commercial electrician will help you identify ways to raise the energy efficiency of your business. Boosting energy sustainability and efficiency helps to improve your business performance, minimize earnings volatility, ROI, and improve profitability. If you are more energy efficient it will improve your brand reputation as a consumer’s value company that considers sustainable practices. Plus, your electrician will assist with installing solar panels, solar hot water systems, and energy-efficient lighting. Your commercial electrician will offer the best guidance on the upgrades that you should consider to minimize energy overheads, reduce power consumption, cut your power bills. 

To sum up, working with a qualified commercial electrician will enhance the utility and safety of your workplace. They help to verify your circuit breakers and check appliances to maintain all the safety standards. Also, they help minimize the risk of business interruption and ensure that your lighting systems are per your needs. Therefore, from electricity cost, savings, and energy efficiency to workplace safety. Working with a commercial electrician ensures that your workplace is safe. As a result, there’s is more productivity, sustainability, and profitability. 

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