Top Lifestyle Trends in Home, Health, Fashion, and Exercise

by Sudarsan

Our individual lifestyles are oftentimes based on the places we live in, how we feel both physically and mentally, the clothes we wear, and the type of exercise we do. 

As we keep that in mind, let us take a look at four current trends in home living, health, fashion, and fitness. 

Home: Semblance of Space

One of the many reasons why many people love the Mini Cooper is that even though it is a small car, it doesn’t seem like it. There is more than enough space for four adults to fit comfortably inside it. It is also very comfortable, creating a feeling of spaciousness and luxury at an affordable price. 

When it comes to your home, current trends in architecture and design aim at doing just that. Whether you live in a mansion or a tiny apartment in the middle of the city, the semblance of space is a major selling point with a valuable appeal.

But what if you already have a house and there is only so much you can do? How can you create this kind of environment? For starters, you can tear down non-load-bearing walls. Another option would be to replace the windows, giving your property a breath of fresh air as well as aesthetic beauty and charm.

Health: Mental Well-Being

As a lady, it doesn’t matter how sexy you look in a bikini if you don’t like how you feel inside. For men, a six-pack, broad shoulders, and strong arms are meaningless if there is a lack of confidence and self-esteem.

While this has always been true, it is only in the last decade or so that a person’s mental state has reached the same level of importance as his physical health. In the 21st century, we are lucky to live in societies where psychological issues are no longer stigmatized, and admitting you are depressed or suffer from anxiety is not a sign of weakness. 

Of course, there is still progress to be made both from a social and physiological perspective. Regardless of how much we have learned about the human brain, there are plenty more to discover. Nevertheless, the progress we have made can certainly not be undermined. 

Fashion: Fierce and Real

Like most things, fashion trends come and go. The most popular supermodels of the nineties and early two-thousands were women with very little fat and a body mass index of less than 15. As the years went by, fashion houses and health pundits alike began to realize that thin was no longer synonymous with beautiful, leading to the plus-size revolution of a few years ago.

Today, fashion is about acceptance and inclusion. Specific rules and ideal measurements no longer guide it. The 90-60-90 body shape popularized by women like Cindy Crawford, Kathy Ireland, and Claudia Schiffer is not an ideal anymore but rather one more type, one additional example of what a lady can look like. 

As such, one word heard with more and more prominence in the industry is REAL. If you are thin, then that is what you are. Likewise, if you are a bit chubby, you should also accept it and embrace it, as it is the real you, equally worthy and deserving.

Exercise: Variety and Functionality

If you were to ask a personal coach or professional fitness trainer, he would probably tell you that the right exercise to either stay or get back into shape is a combination of cardiovascular activities, strength training, and recovery. Examples of the first include running, cycling, and swimming. You can do strength training by lifting weights, doing push-ups and sit-ups, or working out with stretch bands. Finally, a proper recovery routine would include pre and post-workout stretching, proper nutrition, and at least six hours of sleep.

This isn’t false or misleading information. As a matter of fact, it is great advice that will have you looking at your best in no time.

Still, for many, it is neither exciting nor useful. For instance, if a mugger were trying to steal your purse or house keys, wouldn’t it be better to have a black belt in Brazilian jujitsu or Israeli Krav Maga? And if a spark is what you are looking for, becoming a triathlete or cross fitter would be a better choice as well. 

Four trends in various areas related to lifestyle are the semblance of space in homes, mental health, an all-encompassing approach to fashion, and variety and functionality in exercise. In the coming years, they will more than likely continue to define the way we live our everyday lives and be the basis of the choices we make.

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