The Best Gift Idea: Gift Cards.

by Sudarsan

How many times have you googled what to give a woman on her wedding anniversary? Or what to give a teenager on his birthday? What to give your boss after he got the promotion he always wanted? Flowers? Chocolates? Maybe clothes? Will they even like it?

Gifting is a tricky process. It’s hard deciding what to get someone, especially when there’s the aspect of preferences involved. A possible solution is getting them universal gift cards to buy whatever their heart desires.

What Is A Gift Card?

To dull it down, a gift card is a form of payment. It works like a debit card with a certain amount of credit loaded at the time of renewal. There are multiple types of gift cards that range from store to store or select outlets.

For example, if your gift has a VISA, it’ll be accepted everywhere. This is called an open-loop card. On the other hand, a closed-loop card may only be accepted at stores of a specific retailer. Like H&M gift cards, you can only use them in their stores and nowhere else.

Why Should You Get One?

Option of Choice

With universal gift cards, the receiver can choose for themselves. With the freedom of choice and unlimited possibilities of the modern world, they can pick out whatever they like, and they’ll love you for the option you gave them. The cards can also be an excellent substitute for cash or credit.


This gift card option works on any occasion, be it a festival, a party, a birthday, you name it! You can gift a card to anyone, anytime and anywhere, without caring about it being appropriate because it is!


Gift cards are convenient and easy to carry around. There is also the option of e-cards which can be accessed digitally without any issue. They’re easy to use and generally require to be swiped, and that’s it! You’re done! The transaction process is straightforward and efficient.

Control Spending

Gift cards are an easy way to avoid overspending. You can directly add the amount you plan to spend, then use that only and avoid bank overdrafts.

Nice Add-on Gift

Even if you are gifting someone something, these gift cards always can be added as a cherry on top to make the deal even sweeter!


Same as debit cards, if you lose track of the card or if it gets stolen, you can simply notify the relevant authorities and freeze the card. That way, your money can be saved and also your time.

Good for Corporate Incentives

If you have a team or subordinates, these gift cards have the potential to act as micro (or not so micro) incentives for work. These days money is not enough to motivate people. Universal gift cards may be a fun incentive to spice up your work life.

Gift cards are an effortless and convenient way of gifting. They save a lot of time, but at the same time, they seem very thoughtful. Sometimes, they can subtly help someone in their times of need or someone who might be going through a rough patch. You might not even know, but the option of choice matters then.

In Conclusion

Gift cards are an elegant way of saying the magic words you may not be able to. They are the ideal option when you want to appreciate someone you may not personally know very well. 

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