How do I cancel my Diamond Resorts contract?

by Sudarsan

Are you searching for a way to cancel your Diamond Resorts contract? If yes, then do not worry as there are simple ways that you should know about how to get out of diamond resorts contract.  If you have entered into a timeshare agreement with a friend or as a way to make your dreams of having your own vacation property an authenticity. You might have initiated the procedure dreaming of exotic getaways, rental benefits and easy access to vacation properties— but either due to continuously rising special assessment and maintenance fees or an experience that does not exist up to the advantages you were assured when you agreed to purchase, you are feeling like your timeshare has become unjust or too much to manage.

When you are dealing with disillusionment or dissatisfaction with your timeshare conditions, you most likely wish you could get out of your Diamond Resorts timeshare and wonder if that is even possible. Regrettably, discovering your exit choices on the internet is not at all times beneficial, and a few timeshare exit companies are also less dependable than the resort from timeshare.

If you are searching for reasons to put an end to your timeshare or are exhausted from disbursing the large cost that they ask you each time, you should choose an exit option from your timeshare. And if you have at last decided to take this step, it is necessary to teach yourself about certain things. A few possibilities from the Diamond Resorts that you might have to deal with when you get out of Diamond timeshare: 

Surrender option 

Diamond Resorts enables you a give-up option under which you can willingly renounce your diamond timeshare. But, there are several things you need to justify prior to surrendering your timeshare. Firstly, it is essential to pay the timeshare fully. Thus, ensure that you have cleared all the payments, including the current fees, at the correct time. You can now email Diamond’s loss alleviation and state your plan of taking the timeshare back. You are also anticipated to state the reason for choosing out of this map. 

The team would then evaluate your case and make a decision whether to accept it or not. Several times, the team accepts your surrender, but keep in mind there are exemptions as well. When recognized, they will send you some formalities. After all the formalities have been looked after, the company withdraws your diamond timeshare. Then, you are no more the owner of it. 

Advantages of the surrender option: 

Several past Diamond Timeshare owners have confirmed that the surrender selection works in their support. It is because the procedure does not entail a lot of trouble, nor is it very lengthy. You can get out of it rapidly, clear, and free. Here are the advantages of voluntary surrender: 

  • The surrender choice by Diamond Resort is a credible approach. It comprises an exit mechanism that enables all the owners to step out of the program whenever they wish. The DRI plan provides a lot of relief to its timeshare owners and motivates flexibility.
  • As there is no intermediary and you get to deal with the company directly, it assists you avoid unnecessary scams. Many scammers all throughout the world target all the timeshare owners and fool them. It is not the case when you cancel your timeshare in this situation. The whole process is lawful and is looked after by the company itself.
  • After the paperwork is done, the company sets you free of your timeshare totally. Hence, you do not have to worry about a purchaser anymore. Another advantage is you are not obligated to pay the fees until they find the correct purchaser of the timeshare. 

The diamond timeshare cancellation process is quite quick. You have to wait for the reply from the company only, and after they reply to your request, everything else follows up very fast. This factor can help to save time which otherwise you spend finding a seller and waiting to sell your timeshare to them.

Before proceeding with a Diamond resorts contract cancellation, here are some tips to follow: 

  • Do not proceed before knowing if offering up your diamond share is good for you or not. 
  • Ensure you have paid everything. If you give up without paying all the due payments and outstanding bills, it can cost you afterwards. 
  • Do all according to the instructions of the letter. Anything unnecessary is a big no-no.

Timeshare sellers are infamous for putting the hard sell on prospective buyers. It is not useless for a sightseer to attend a sales presentation exclusively to get a free round of golf or bottle of wine, and then leave as a timeshare owner. Others sign timeshare contracts only to understand later that the deal is not as good as it originally appeared.

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