How Do I Choose the Best Outdoor Ceiling Fan for My Patio?

by Sudarsan

You might feel lucky to live somewhere with a beautiful and warm climate for most of the year. But isn’t it a shame when it gets so hot that you have to stay indoors with AC instead of enjoying the outdoors?

A ceiling fan is one of the best ways to cool areas of your property that air conditioning is no good for. But how do you choose the best outdoor ceiling fan for your needs?

Lucky for you, this guide will walk you through all the considerations so you can make an informed decision.

Decide Where Your Outdoor Ceiling Fan Is Going

Most people who are looking for the best outdoor ceiling fan will want one on their outdoor porch. Unless your porch already has a cover, you will need to invest in a sturdy shelter. This could be an extended rooftop or a pergola.

Exterior fans also work great in outdoor/indoor settings like sunrooms and garages. This is because materials used in outdoor ceiling fans take environmental factors into account.

Most types of outdoor ceiling fans are made from special ABS plastic or all-weather plastic. Their structures are steel and covered with a type of paint that helps stop rust. And they also have waterproof sealing on the motor and electrics.

This makes the outdoor ceiling fans 100% safe for outdoor use. So, if you spend a lot of time tinkering in an outdoor/indoor space like a garage with the door open, an outdoor ceiling fan may be a good choice.

Pick the Correct Size Outdoor Ceiling Fan

Next, choose the best outdoor ceiling fan with the correct size for your space. Use the following measurements as a rough guide:

  • 75 square foot = 30-inch ceiling fan
  • 100 square foot = 35-inch ceiling fan
  • 150 square foot = 40-inch ceiling fan
  • 200 square foot = 45-inch ceiling fan

Choosing the right size will make sure your outdoor ceiling fan is not obstructed by the space in any way causing a safety concern. It will also ensure the fan will be able to cool down the entire area you need it for. If you have an extra-large space, you may need to consider two matching fans instead of only one.

Select an Outdoor Ceiling Fan Style

The last thing you need to choose is an outdoor ceiling fan style. The best way to do this is to look at the style of your patio or porch where the ceiling fan is going.

Do you have a rustic farmhouse vibe? If so, a white wooden ceiling fan with a weathered paint exterior will complement the theme.

Or, do you have an industrial-chic or minimalist style? If so, a stainless steel exterior is not only practical but will look great too.

Choose the Best Outdoor Ceiling Fan for Your Needs

Taking the time to choose the best outdoor ceiling fan could change how and where you spend your time. Instead of rushing indoors to get cool, you could enjoy your patio and outdoor space year-round. 

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