How to Get a Deer Out of The Woods

by Sudarsan

One of the many joys of hunting is the feeling of victory after shooting down your quarry. After a long day of walking, taking down your target feels like the best thing in the world, but there is one problem you are faced with: moving the bulky carcass back to your camp. That is no easy challenge to surmount, especially when you are on your own. Here are a few methods to get your game out of the woods.

Quartering and Packing Out

On some occasions, you might have followed the trail farther than you intended, ending up in a spot far away from where you started. In this event, your best option is to whip out your knife and quarter the deer on the spot. 

This will help you salvage as much venison as you can. The first thing to do would be to field dress the deer, that is, removing the internal organs. This cools the animal and saves the meat by slowing the growth of bacteria. Field dressing also helps to lighten the load you have to carry. 

You can also decide to keep the hooves, antlers and hide them for later use. This makes it much easier to carry. One of the disadvantages of this particular method is that the scent of blood may attract other animals to you. You have to keep an eye out to ensure that none of them catch you by surprise.

Pulling it Out

Getting down and dirty is probably the first thing that would come to your mind. The real secret to this method is to not be in a hurry. 

First off, always carry a deer drag with you if you know you might have to get the deer out yourself. There are some great options. You can get the latest ideas at You can also get the idea of other gadgets and equipment you’ll need for a successful deer hunting there.

Secondly, prepare yourself to spend a lot of time at this particular activity. Pull the deer a little distance, catch your breath for some time, and then continue. This method might sound exhausting and time wasting, but what would you rather have, no deer at all? 

The truth is that most deer hunters are forced to use this method at some point in their hunting careers, but it is not sustainable in the long run. Hauling an entire deer over great distances can put significant strain on the back and neck. You can  find the best hunting gear at Texas Fowlers at an affordable price

When dragging the carcass out, you can decide to grab it by the antlers (with a sled) or tie a short rope around its legs or neck to pull it along. Alternatively, you can use a safety harness or a ski-rope handle to make holding and pulling the rope easier.

In a swampy area, turkey hunting boots are the best. You can find the best turkey hunting boots online.

Generally, getting a deer out of the woods is not an easy task, but at the end of the day, when you start to smell the meat cooking, you will realize that it was worth it. 

When next you are hunting a deer, keep all this in mind and remember to go prepared. Deer is a tricky game to manage, but it is not impossible to get it out of a difficult place, even when you are alone.

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