Should You Use a Website Builder Or Code Your Own Site?

by Sudarsan

Website builders are becoming ever more popular these days, but does that mean you should stray away from coding your own? Let’s take a quick look at how even the best website builder will prevent your site from reaching its full potential.
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Benefits of A Website Builder

website builder requires much less time than coding your own site. With very minimal technical skills, you can have a decent-looking site up and running for your business. This, however, is the only benefit website builders have over coding your own site.

Consider A Website Developer

If you lack technical skills and still want a site built rather quickly, you could consider hiring a website developer. They essentially do all the coding for you to create a premium website without you needing to learn how to code yourself. Thus, making them the perfect solution if you want all the benefits of a coded website without having to learn how to do it yourself.

Benefits of Coding Your Own Site

When you take the time to learn how to code your own site, you gain a bunch of benefits.

A Uniquely Designed Website

Since you’re coding it yourself, you get to choose exactly how you want your site to look. There are no predetermined templates that thousands of other sites use.

Also, you can put things wherever you want to within the site. If you want a flashing green button in the center of the left side of the screen that changes to letters when you hover over it, you can have it! The possibilities are endless.

A Better Performing Website

With a uniquely designed website comes some immense search engine perks. Since your site is coded and doesn’t use a template, search engines, like Google, trust it more. This leads to a higher search engine ranking, which means more people are likely to see your site.
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Also, if you take the time to learn about SEO, you can code your site to be perfectly optimized for search engines, also increasing your ranking.
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Code Your Own Site

If you want your site to perform well, you either need to code it yourself or hire a web developer to do it for you. Using a website builder will not be able to help you grow your business as well as a coded site will.

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