Can Robots Help Provide A Cleaner Environment For Businesses? What Recent Technology Tells Us

by Sudarsan Chakraborty

A person’s physical environment is among the important factors that can affect one’s mental health, with studies saying how exposure to surroundings that bring discomfort to a person can be a contributor to stress and even depression. Even details such as the lighting and décor can influence one’s mood, highlighting how much the space around us can have such a large impact on one’s mental state. This is especially significant to work environments, where the condition of one’s working space can be an influential factor in one’s working performance. To help maintain a clean environment, there are cleaning services available for homes and workplaces. The idea of venturing out into the open can be frightening, as further research revealed that the transmission of the virus can even be found in shoes. But with various hazards like these, how can one effectively maintain a safe and clean space with lesser health risks? Here’s how robots can help provide a cleaner environment for businesses.

The Aid of Robots

With the ongoing global pandemic, the usage of robots and AI have been growing more prevalent, with The International Federation of Robots predicting that the demand in the coming years would come to an estimate of around 9.1 billion USD by the year 2022. The utilization of robots has been useful for accomplishing various tasks without experiencing fatigue while also lessening physical human contact. Medical robots have especially been in demand due to the vital aid they provide for hospitals. For healthcare workers who are being overwhelmed trying to meet work demands, the assistance the robots provide can help ease their burden and give them time for other tasks and themselves. 

Robots And Cleaning Services

For organizations reopening physical workplaces, cleaning and sanitization have become a high priority to ensure the safety of their employees. Cleaning, sanitizing, and disinfection all come in different processes that not only have high health risks but require constant maintenance. With cleaning robots, this will reduce face-to-face exposure as well as being suitable for performing repetitive cleaning tasks that a human cleaner would normally be assigned to do. With robots doing the work, it allows human workers from monotonous tasks and allows them to focus on other urgent or complex duties. 

Our surroundings can have such a large effect on our health, be it physical or mental. So knowing that you are in a safe, clean environment can help facilitate more positive emotions and give you peace of mind. In the case of robots, though the use of robots is nothing new and has already long been in use by several organizations before, their presence continues to greatly assist humans to this day.

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