Don’t Let COVID-19 Step In 3 Reasons Your Business Needs a Shoe Sanitizing Station

by Sudarsan Chakraborty

At present, almost 24 million Americans have been infected with COVID-19. These infections have resulted in nearly 400,000 deaths.

As a business owner, you’ve already taken numerous steps to protect your employees, your customers, and yourself from this deadly virus.

You’re wearing masks and requiring employees and customers to do the same. You’ve installed barriers and marked aisles to enforce social distancing. You and your employees are disinfecting surfaces. You’re offering customers hand sanitizer and wipes.

Each of these steps is important. However, you need one more.

For superior protection against COVID-19, your business needs a shoe sanitizing station.

Three Reasons You Need a Shoe Sanitizing Station

The more you know about COVID-19, the more effective you are at fighting it. The latest scientific evidence shows the necessity of shoe sanitizing.

1. Social Distance Measures Don’t Keep the Floor Clean

Current CDC guidelines advise maintaining a minimum of six feet between people. That’s because droplets carrying the virus can only stay in the air so long and so far.

The earliest estimates suggested that virus droplets could travel through the air for six feet. More recent evidence shows that the smallest particles can travel up to 13 feet.

So what happens to the droplets beyond these distances? They fall to the ground, of course.

2. COVID-19 Can Live on Shoes and Floors

A recent CDC study explored virus transmission in a hospital. It found the live virus on half of health care workers’ shoes.

Even more frightening, the study reported a 100% positivity rate on the floor of the hospital’s pharmacy. This is alarming because no patients had entered that space. Instead, the virus reached the pharmacy’s floors on the shoes of hospital employees.

3. Shoe Sanitizer Technology Is Proven to Stop Infectious Disease Outbreaks

Depending on your industry, the idea of sanitizing shoes might sound new to you. However, shoe sanitizers have been used for decades. Most common in the food service industry, they have a long history of fighting viral outbreaks.

In fact, the most effective shoe sanitizers have kill rates of 99.9%. What’s more, they work in just seconds.
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Choosing the Best Shoe Sanitizer

If shoe sanitizing technology is new to you, you might be wondering how to disinfect shoes. As you explore your options, you’ll encounter several systems.

The most basic use mats or pans that contain sanitizing chemicals. However, these methods are not the most effective. To kill the virus, these sanitizers need to meet two conditions. First, they need to maintain the appropriate concentration of chemicals. And second, they need adequate contact time with the shoes they’re disinfecting.

Unfortunately, human behavior and other factors make meeting these conditions nearly impossible.

A better solution, therefore, is UVC light disinfecting. This method uses ultraviolet light to destroy the virus at the cellular level.

Again, food service and health care facilities have known how to disinfect with UVC light for decades. This long history means UVC disinfecting technology is proven. It also means scientists have had time to advance and perfect the technology.

Today, the best shoe sanitizing stations combine UVC light with ozone gas. The result is a sanitizer that is 110x more effective. It is, moreover, a sanitizer that you need now.

The Shoe Sanitizing Station: Your Business’s Soul Mate in the Battle Against COVID-19

You’re already doing a great deal to fight the pandemic. You can do more, though, by adding a shoe sanitizing station to your business.

As you navigate the pandemic and beyond, count on our blog for the best advice.

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