3 Effective Tips on How to Lose Belly Fat Without Losing Muscle

by Sudarsan

Are you hoping to shed pounds without shedding your strength? When losing weight, you can either lose muscle or fat weight, but you don’t want to lose muscle weight, especially as you age.

For some tips on how to lose belly fat without losing muscle, keep reading. With these tricks, you can start losing fat while maintaining muscle.

1. Cut Your Calories but Make It Gradual

To lose weight, you need to reduce your calorie intake. However, if you do so too quickly or too drastically, you can risk losing muscle weight as well. You can lose weight healthily by cutting your calories weekly by about 500 calories.

This will help you shed a pound or to a week while maintaining muscle. The number of calories you need to intake daily will depend on how active you are.

2. Focus on Total Body Workouts

The bulk of your workouts should be focused on total body if you want to build muscle while losing weight. Incorporate multi-joint workouts such as squats, pushups, or using a row machine. This will allow you to work large muscle groups to build strength while also increasing your heart rate to burn calories.

If you are new to strength training, do a total body workout at least two days a week. More experienced athletes can incorporate strength training into their workouts up to four times a week. You don’t have to spend a lot of time on this activity either, as you only need about a half-hour of strength training per workout.

As you continue your workouts, you can begin improving your performance in many ways to continue seeing results. To do so, you could gradually increase the number of reps you do or the amount of weight you use. You may also consider working on improving your form for the best results.

This way you can maintain, and maybe even build, your muscle strength while losing belly fat.

3. Incorporate Cardio Wisely

While you may think doing tons of cardio will be the best way to start losing belly fat, too much cardio can cause you to lose muscle mass while you lose excess fat. However, that doesn’t mean you should cut cardio out completely, as it’s essential to a well-rounded fitness plan. Cardio is a great exercise to incorporate weekly and is especially great on days where you need to recover from strength training.

This is a good way to incorporate muscle strength by recovering after difficult workouts. On days that you aren’t doing weight training, incorporate some low-intensity cardio, such as walking, swimming, or biking.

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Tips on How to Lose Belly Fat Without Losing Muscle

If you’re hoping to lose belly fat without losing muscle this year, keep the key tips in this guide in mind. Paying attention to your diet and your fitness routine can help you get the results you desire.

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