Cheap Entertainment: 10 Ways to Have Fun Without Blowing Your Budget

by Sudarsan

Everybody wants to have a good time. We all want to enjoy our lives in our free moments and to experience enjoyable things whenever we can. 

There are so many different fun and exciting things to do out there in the world and so many of them are super enticing. 

Unfortunately, some of the things that appear to be the most fun also cost quite a bit of money.

If your wallet is often empty or if you sometimes find that you are strapped for cash, you’re not alone. Fortunately, a lack of large sums of money doesn’t mean that fun adventures and activities are out of reach for you. 

If you’re looking for some cheap entertainment ideas, then you came to the right place. Armed with these ideas, your days will be full of options and enjoyment. There’s so much you can do without spending much money at all. 

1. Explore the Library

Many adults haven’t stepped foot inside a public library since they were children. If you don’t visit the library on a regular basis, you are doing yourself a great disservice. Even if you’re not a big reader, libraries have so many wonderful things to offer their patrons.

You can discover new music or check out some movies. You can participate in organised activities like classes and discussions. Some libraries even offer free music or art lessons. To find out about the exciting, free things that are happening at your library, visit their website, or stop by the circulation desk. Your librarians will be excited to meet you and will welcome you with open arms.

2. Visit a Free Museum

Many cities and towns have one or more free or low-cost museums for residents and visitors to enjoy. Some museums are history or science-based, others focus on art, and some are a combination of all three. There’s something for everyone at the museum, and you will likely learn things that you never knew before about your area or the greater world. 

3. Attend Community Events

Even many of the smallest cities and towns have a community calendar of free or low-cost events. Attending these events is a great way to enjoy your home area and to also meet your neighbors. Art and music events, volunteer opportunities, fairs and festivals are great ways to spend an afternoon, weekend, or evening close to home. 

4. Organise a Potluck/Game Night/Movie Night

If you’d like to get some friends together for a fun event without having to spend much money, a potluck dinner where everyone brings their own dish to share is a great way to do it. This type of event can be as small or as large as you want. You can invite four people or forty. Make something simple that you enjoy and look forward to some lively conversation over a shared meal with friends old and new.

To take this free activity a step further, you can also make it a game night, too. Encourage participants to bring a board or card game from home, and organise tournaments for after the meal. 

Or, you could turn your potluck into a movie night. To avoid renting films, choose an evening that a movie marathon is already on television. A new antenna installation will help you to ensure your viewing is clear and uninterrupted.

5. Learn and Practice a New Language

Everyone says they’d like to learn a new language, but most people don’t put in the necessary time and effort to do so. However, it’s possible to learn a few simple phrases and some vocabulary in a single afternoon. There are many free, language learning resources available online. Once you’ve begun, you can seek out language buddies online, too, to practice what you’ve learned so far.

6. Play Sports with Friends

There’s nothing like a game of football in the park with friends at the end of a long and busy week. Even if none of you are very good at playing, it’s still a blast to run around and blow off steam.

Most people have some sports equipment in their possession already, so encourage friends to meet you somewhere with their favorite sports gear. Play some games together and create some new ones. You’ll be making memories with people you love, playing as you did as a kid long ago, all without spending a single cent.

7. Try Yoga

Perhaps you’ve considered trying yoga but were put off by the cost of formal classes. Fortunately, classes aren’t necessary; you’ll find a plethora of free yoga resources online. Yoga is good for the body and also for the mind and soul. Try an online yoga class with friends or by yourself. You may discover a new hobby that will change your life.

8. Volunteer

A wonderful and fun way to fill your free time is by volunteering. When we help others, we help ourselves in turn. There are literally thousands of volunteer opportunities out there for you to try.

What are some of your personal interests? Chances are, you will be able to find a volunteer opportunity that aligns with them perfectly. You can volunteer once or go on to make it a regular thing. You’ll meet new people and maybe even learn some new skills along the way. 

9. Walk in Nature

There are so many natural spaces available to you even if you live in a city, you just have to seek them out. Once you’ve found a natural space that you like, spending time there can be the best cheap entertainment there is. Take time to notice everything and how those things change with the seasons. Watch the animals and inspect the plants; if you don’t know what something is, identify it and learn more about it when you get home. 

10. Write and Share Poetry

Writing poetry isn’t easy, but anyone can do it with a little focus and effort. Write some poems alone or with a friend. Read them out loud to one another, or, better yet, sign up to participate in a poetry slam. Many bars and community centers hold these events periodically and, best of all, participation and attendance are absolutely free. 

Cheap Entertainment Is Everywhere

As you can see, there are many things you can turn to for fun when it comes time to seek cheap entertainment. You will never have to be bored again! Further, this list is only a beginning. There are hundreds of other options as well.

Have you tried learning to play an instrument? Might you consider going for a run with your dog? Maybe your friends would enjoy participating in a book club with you. Or, you could call an old friend and meet up to go look at the stars and identify some constellations. 

The possibilities are endless. Choose something and dive in, and have a great time doing it. Good luck! 

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