Tips for Studying at Home

by Sudarsan

Over the past year, 49% of the world’s students have completed at least one online training course. All this because each of them understands that in order to get a better job, to develop their own business, it is necessary to constantly learn and improve. Effective learning is not only a guarantee of personal growth but also a challenge. It often turns out that after several days of study, only 10% of the material read and 20% of the material heard remains in memory. How can you improve the effectiveness of e-learning? How to turn distance learning or online courses into a profitable investment in yourself? How to organize your studying at home to make it productive?

Make a list of tasks for the day

Even when you self-isolate at home or in a dorm, you still need to plan your day. It will help you spend your day more efficiently. So that online lectures do not pass by and a bunch of unfulfilled practical tasks do not accumulate. Distribute the load in moderation. Start a “diary” where you clearly write down your homework and deadlines. Self-isolation won’t last forever, and you still have to pass tests and exams. So do not create problems for yourself, but make a to-do list for tomorrow every night. And do not forget to include in it not only serious matters but also activities for the soul.

Optimize your education

Try to create a working atmosphere. Warn family members or dorm roommates to keep quiet. Prepare your desktop and remove distractions. Turn off the sound on your phone. Do not forget to take notes, because it will come in handy for repeating the material.

There are two major ways you can use to optimize your distance learning time. First is a Pomodoro technique. You need to work in terms — 25 minutes working, 5 minutes resting, every 4 times 25 minutes you get to rest for 15 or 20 minutes. Sounds simple, but if you manage to follow this system, your efficiency will increase. 

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Define the time for distance learning

Do not forget to add time for certain tasks to your to-do list. For example, from 9.00 to 14.00 you are in “online classes”. Then you relax and do your favorite things (workout, walk, reading, hobbies, and so on). You can afford more rest, because you don’t waste time on the way to the university. Then add homework to your schedule. Let’s say from 17.00 to 21.00. By writing in this spirit every day, you will better navigate the workload and complete all tasks on time.

Give yourself a break

The pursuit of knowledge is commendable! Distance learning can be very interesting, you go through the topics step by step, strive for more and this process is addictive. Do not forget to rest, avoid overwork by all means (not to be confused with laziness). Plan your daily vacation and devote at least an hour to something irrational, but personally pleasant for you. It can be anything: time lost with pleasure is not considered lost. Take the need to rest as seriously as the need to work and study, it is important for peace of mind. In a good mood, everything goes well and everything works out. To make your distance learning productive, remember to take breaks between classes. Relaxation does not mean browsing on your phone endlessly. Move for at least 5 minutes: jump, exercise, wash the dishes. It helps a lot to avoid monotony and overwork!

Switch between tasks more often

During training, it is very important to switch to another activity from time to time. Have you worked on your textbooks for 45 minutes or more? Time to take a break! Get up from the table or wherever you were sitting there and go to move. If you are indoors, walk down the street for at least five minutes. Do a couple of simple physical exercises, wash your face, jump – whatever, just don’t sit in front of the monitor. It helps a lot to avoid monotony! And is good for your health. If you stay at the monitor, looking at funny pictures or chatting on social networks, you will get very tired, and you will think that this is from studying, although in reality it is not.

Divide your day in two

Very valuable advice for those who have the opportunity to lie down during the day. To make two out of one day is simple and truly ingenious! To do this, you just need to sleep during the day. An hour and a half. And all the second half of the day you will be full of energy, keep active and clear thinking until late at night. You just take some of the night’s sleep and move it into the day. You can get up early, stay up late, be productive, and feel great.

There are many other ways you can be more efficient when studying from home. However, remember that your ultimate goal is not to be a superhero today, but to be productive enough constantly.

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