How To Become A Photography Influencer On Social Media

by Sudarsan

Lately, the world has been taken by a social media storm by photographers who use social media platforms to show off their photography skills to people. Numerous photographers are sharing and distributing their work on social media daily to reach a large crowd of targets. It requires one to post several clicks to be able to attract and impress people and that cannot be done overnight. Most people are now looking to share their photography work showcasing their skills and are referred to as photography influencers. However, to be able to achieve this title, one needs to learn photography and a few tips on how to become a social media photography influencer. Below are some guidelines to follow.

1. Adhere to the basics of photography.

One of the things that makes a photographer more professional than another is their knowledge of photography basics. There are various tricks applied by photographers to come up with nice attractive pictures. Some like using the rule of thirds when taking a photo and avoiding dramatic lighting of the subject to enable the production of really good pictures. Applying these tips when taking pictures attracts an audience and increases the chances of being liked by many people who see it.

2. Stick to your profile theme.

Being an influencer requires consistency and a constant aesthetic theme on your social profile. The theme of a particular photographer ensures that their work stands out and generates liking by a group of followers who are impressed by the theme. An example is a photographer whose work focuses on say babies and always posts cake smash photos and also does milk bath maternity shoots to post on their pages.

3. Interact with your followers.

Gaining the loyalty of online followers requires the photographer to interact with them frequently when they post. Followers whose loyalty to your photography has grown love and start playing along to your influence on their choices. Listening to your followers’ opinions and what they prefer to keep a large audience of the work.

4. Collaborate with other influencers.

Photography influencers should try and get engaged with other influencers in fields that require photographers such as fashion and models. Through other influencers, the photographer can show their expertise to a larger population and get exposed to various opportunities, and learn from other people.

5. Reach out to brands.

With the right number of followers gained, a photographer can try and reach out to various brands relevant to their area of interest and work with them. A page with target followers for a particular niche can be suitable for a brand that needs to reach a specific audience.

6. Commit to your schedule.

Having a consistent schedule with regular posting and engagement helps an influencer to grow their brand and page. Accounts that post regularly are always at the top of the newsfeed hence accessed more by followers. A scheduled posting program is very important.


Becoming a social media photography influencer requires having skills that will attract a certain target audience. Leaving an impression to the viewers makes them interested in your work hence helping to grow both your brand and followers. The only way to influence people effectively is by making them take part in what you do and gaining their loyalty hence influencing their choices.

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