Which Type of Shower Head Looks Best in Your Bathroom?

by Sudarsan

Nothing washes off a rough day like a great shower. That great shower can go awry if the shower fixture you have isn’t worth turning on the water. 

It may be time to step your shower game up with the right type of shower head. 

A good shower head helps you take a relaxing shower. A burst of warm water at the right speed and pulse rinses toxins away, helping your mind and body relax. You rest better because of it.

Good showerheads also improve circulation. Hot water encourages blood to rush to the skin. When that happens, it promotes proper blood circulation throughout the body.

Your bathroom design needs a type of shower head that not only works well but looks great and saves on water. Which one is right for you? Read on.

The Fixed Shower Head

The fixed shower head is a fixture that’s common in most homes. Often referred to as the mounted shower head, this head sits in one spot and isn’t very big.

The mounted shower head allows you to change the spray pattern without moving the head. On some fixed shower heads, you can move the head up and down.

The spray speed ranges from gentle massage to heavy pelting, releasing 2.5 GPMs of pressure. It isn’t fancy, but it gives you the quality shower you need.  

The Handheld Shower Head

If you like being in control of your showering experience, the handheld shower head is perfect for you. 

This fixture lets you control the speed, direction, and location of the water. All you have to do is remove it from the magnetic doc, set the pulse speed, and go to town. Focus the water on whatever body part your desire for whatever period of time. 

The handheld is easy to install and covers a wide spray range. Click for more information about that. 

The Adjustable Height Shower Head 

A short shower head can ruin the shower experience, especially if you’re tall. The adjustable height shower head puts that concern in check. 

With this head, you can adjust the height without drilling another hole in the wall. It’s a multifunctional shower head with multiple spray speeds. You get to experience a dynamic massage from different angles.

Rainfall Shower Head

If you don’t mind getting your hair wet, the rainfall shower head is for you. Its unique design pours like a waterfall. 

The rainfall shower head ranges about 12 inches in length and has different spray speeds. You can install it in the ceiling or further up on the wall to hang like it’s on the ceiling. 

It’s designed to make you feel like you’re standing in the rain. 

Get the Right Type of Shower Head

The right type of shower head takes your showers to the next level. Review this list and consider making an upgrade. 

Let us help you out with more home tips like this. Check out our home improvement guide for more time-saving, helpful hacks. 

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