How long to be well referenced on Google?

by Sudarsan

In 2022, having an online presence for a new brand or business is no longer optional. To be
visible to their audience, their site must appear at the top of search engine results. A natural
referencing strategy must be implemented in order to achieve good positioning from scratch.
However, such an approach requires constant efforts over a relatively long period.
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The factors that accelerate the natural referencing of a new website

When a newly created company or brand launches, or enters a new market, it often has to
create a website and gain the trust of Internet users and Google. This raises a key question:
how long does it take to appear among the first engine results for the targeted keywords?
Understanding how Google ranks the billions of pages uploaded is necessary to understand the
evolution of the organic referencing of each of them.
GoogleBots crawl the sites one by one, following the links and the content deemed to be of
interest to Internet users is indexed in a huge database. Subsequently, when Internet users
submit their queries, the engine draws from this index and offers the answers it deems most
The higher the number of external links from third-party sites (the “backlinks”), the more likely
the site to which they point is likely to be regularly crawled by robots. And the more content he
publishes, the more likely these pages are to appear in the results.
Thus, the speed of the SEO ranking depends on several factors:
● the age of the site,
● brand awareness,
● the level of competition in its niche,
● the quality of netlinking and content,
● the allocated budget,
● the expertise of the referrer.
● Other digital marketing aspects

The average time to increase the natural visibility of a website

During the first year, a brand new site has only low natural visibility, estimated by experts at
nearly 20% of its potential. According to a 2017 study, 95% of new pages do not appear in the
top 10 on targeted keywords after 12 months. The best performers reach the front page after
about 6 months.
Indeed, its competitors benefit from a certain notoriety gained with seniority, and a certain
authority obtained thanks to backlinks. The brand must make itself known to the public via other
channels in order to promote brand queries or position itself on less competitive (“long tail”)
generic queries, this should be part of their competitive marketing strategy. On this type of
keywords, it sometimes only takes a few hours or a few days to position quality content.
It is generally necessary to wait until the end of its second year of existence for the site to reach
50% of its potential for visibility on its brand and appear in the top 10 results on the key
expressions worked. This progression, nevertheless “gradual”, is made possible by its growing
popularity and the gain of authority of the site in the eyes of search engines, as its network of
backlinks densifies.
From the third year, the site approaches its competitors in terms of notoriety and is likely to
appear in first position on the keywords. 20% of strong generic queries generate 80% of the
visibility, to which is added a significant volume of long-tail queries.

In conclusion

The “so-called” professionals who promise quick results at lower cost in a competitive market
are to be avoided at all costs. An SEO strategy is built over the long term and even when the
initial positioning objective is achieved. Indeed, the competition remains strong and Google is
constantly changing its SEO criteria.
To maintain and develop traffic, SEO work must continue. The use of the services of an expert
agency is recommended to monitor the positions of the site and the competition, and according
to changes in rules and market behavior, adjust the action plan.

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