How To Create A Crypto Wallet App In 2021

by Sudarsan

The popularity of cryptocurrency will be on the rise in 2021. Around three hundred million users in the US have already started investing in cryptocurrencies. In no time, the remaining population will also enter the world of cryptocurrencies. Therefore, learning how to create a bitcoin wallet will work in your favor.   

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How To Create A Bitcoin Wallet: A Comprehensive Guide

Cryptocurrency wallet development requires you to follow a set of steps. Keep reading to learn about the steps and become successful at developing a cryptocurrency wallet.

Dig Out A Proper Business Idea

If you are willing to develop a bitcoin wallet, you need to generate a concrete business idea. It is essential to execute competitive research so that you can overcome challenges in the industry. If you have a DeFi app and need to acquire customers, you can think about creating your crypto wallet. Even if you have an idea about a crypto wallet with unique features, you can go ahead with this idea.

Look For A Development Partner

When you wish to make your own cryptocurrency wallet, you will need a software developer. You will need product managers who can help with the technical aspects of your idea. They will understand your product idea and help you execute it from the beginning till the end. On the other hand, project managers will coordinate with everyone and translate your idea into something tangible. Apart from that, you will need UX designers to make your app interesting and optimized for the target audience. The software engineers working on your app will also need help from blockchain developers, mobile developers and other experts. 

Make The Prototype Interesting 

An interesting prototype is necessary to build your own bitcoin wallet. A prototype can be developed to strike a balance between the UX and features of your app. When you develop an interactive prototype, test users will be able to get a virtual representation of your app. The test users can use the app and determine which areas need improvement. After the test users give their recommendations, you must implement them. Another round of testing can be done to ensure that the implementation has been done effectively. 

Develop And Test

You will have to make some decisions after taking advice from your software development partner. You will have to create a wallet for cryptocurrency that is either custodial or non-custodial. You will also have to think about which platform you want to release the app. Sometimes crypto wallets are launched as a browser-based extension. 

This is because blockchain is primarily desktop-based and uses networked technology. You should insist on agile development and ensure that the interim results are reviewed regularly. You and your employees should deal with versions that have been thoroughly tested. After the crypto wallet has been developed, it is mandatory to conduct a security audit. 

Release And Maintain

The ultimate step will be to make the app public by uploading it on the App Store and Play Store. Remove the app from the test blockchain network used during testing and add it to any live blockchain network. The app might be required to be connected to more than one blockchain network. When the app has been released, you need to maintain it by handling feature requests. 

Wrapping Up

This guide regarding how to create a bitcoin wallet will be beneficial for anyone trying to develop their own crypto wallet. If you have more questions, you should seek consultation from crypto experts and app developers.  

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