How to Eat Caviar at Home?

by Sudarsan

The unusual taste of black Russian caviar  attracted aristocrats because it is difficult to predict the whole bouquet of flavors, even with constant use. Today, the number of fans has increased, but the reasons for the high demand remain the same. Gourmands enjoy every spoon of caviar and continue to look for new ways to serve caviar.

There are many ways to serve the delicious appetizer, which makes it possible to reveal the bouquet in a new way. Preparing gourmet meals doesn’t take much time, so you’ll soon have the desired delicacy. So that serving it doesn’t make you uncomfortable, it makes sense to listen to Bester Caviar’s tips.

Best Way to Eat Caviar at Home

The delicacy is often served as a separate dish. High-quality caviar is consumed in its purest form, as gourmands want to experience that bouquet. However, you should not limit yourself to serving options, because choosing the best way to eat caviar at home is done by trying out new dishes.

Cooking a particularly tasty appetizer at home will be much easier if you have several recipes. They include the common options described below.


The easiest way to enjoy caviar is to make pancakes. Both buckwheat and wheat flour are used for this. As a result, you will be able to create a dish without any pronounced flavor characteristics, which will make a great tandem with the famous snack.

Scrambled Eggs

Scrambled eggs are a common breakfast around the world, so it’s no wonder caviar lovers are paying attention to this dish. To cook this tasty treat, you will need:

  • prepare scrambled eggs;
  • add some finely chopped green onions;
  • complete the dish with toast;
  • add a few spoons of caviar.

This way you will be able to surprise your receptors and enjoy caviar tasting at home early in the morning.


If you think that pasta can’t go with fine caviar, you might be surprised. In fact, such a dish is popular because it’s one way to pamper yourself with a delicacy. However, it is worth taking into account that to create a delicacy it is necessary to use thin capellini pasta. It is recommended to complete the dish with sauce and lightly fried breadcrumbs.

Some Easy Caviar Appetizers

You can also surprise your guests with some unusual appetizers. To do this, you need to pay attention to recipes that go well with alcoholic beverages on your table. The clear favorite is champagne or sparkling wines, and the second place is taken by strong vodka.


Tartare is a dish that may surprise gourmets. In addition, it is a simple answer to the question of how to serve caviar at home. The preparation of the dish consists of:

  1. Preparing the tuna. Cut the fish into cubes and mix it with a unique dressing. The dressing involves mixing mayonnaise, and lemon juice with salt and pepper.
  2. Using crackers or breadsticks. The ingredients will be used as a base for your dish. The lack of bright flavors will play to your advantage.
  3. Adding caviar. A few spoons of caviar are the final touch.

Tartar will appeal to foodies who like sushi.

Mini Potatoes

A combination of mini potatoes is also a common appetizer on the table. The preparation will require a combination of caviar and sour cream. Easy caviar appetizers will allow you to get a new appreciation for the taste of the exquisite delicacy and introduce your guests to the original combinations.

Salted Potato Chips

Salted potato chips and caviar are a great tandem that gets a lot of attention. You can add a few extra ingredients if you like. If you don’t know how to eat caviar at home, you should make this appetizer. Sea scallops and sour cream sauce will make you reconsider your attitude towards the delicacy and the new dish.

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