Popular Seafood Sold in Singapore

by Sudarsan Chakraborty

The wholesale of seafood is now made possible by the advancement of technology in Singapore. It’s now possible for people to avail a variety of seafood at a lower cost. This will also make it easier for small-scale and large-scale retailers, both of who want to cash on the benefits that wholesale offers. With the development of technology, it is now possible for them to enjoy all the benefits that retail offers such as having enough seafood supply and quick delivery.

In Singapore, Seafood is a name to reckon with. The quality of its fish is good and it is well known in Singapore for the high-quality services it provides its customers with. Seafood ensures that all the seafood products are fresh and good for consumption by humans. It also provides wholesale deals for wholesale buyers who want to keep their seafood shops running seafood at wholesale prices.
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Popular Seafood Sold in Singapore

1. Breaded Fish(Blue whiting) Fillet: Breaded fish is a good method of preparation with bread crumbs to get rid of the fishy smell normally associated with any raw fish. It is a traditional Asian recipe and this fillet is popular for breakfast for all families.

2. White clams also known as Padi: It is seafood found in the estuaries and other water bodies. The meat is sweet in taste and is well-liked by all people.

3. Salmon Fillet Portion(500g): Salmon is a fish that is packed with various nutrients. The meat is soft, yellow, and white in color. It is mostly eaten as an appetizer in restaurants and restaurants as well.

4. Sea urchin: Sea urchin comes from the marine fish family. It has a small purple-green shell with a heart shape, which contains the meaty spines on top of its shell. However, these spines are very sweet tasting and do not cause any harm when consumed by humans.

5. Thai fish cake: These are made from minced fish and other ingredients like red onions, garlic, chopped ginger, eggs, and lemongrass. The Thai fish cake is a popular food of many dishes in Thai cuisine. This is because it is easy to prepare at home and can also be served with many kinds of meals.


6. Black tiger prawns: Black tiger prawns are a type of shrimp found in black water. These are not expensive and are sold at very reasonable prices. The black tiger prawns can be cooked easily or fried and are often served with other types of seafood dishes.

7. Fresh oysters: Fresh oysters are really tasty and ensure that they are fresh. When they taste good, they can be shared with many people.

8. Muar Fish Otah: Muar Fish Otah contains various kinds of fish. This is because the fish are fried in a pan and seasoned with various spices to get a unique flavor.

Best Seafood wholesale in Singapore

The are many seafood wholesale in Singapore suchAllBig Market which highly reputed seafood wholesale company in Singapore and provides products such as prawns, squid, and scallops at wholesale prices to its customers. The company has also been known for the integrity and quality service it provides to its customers. This has resulted in the company gaining high repute among the seafood market in Singapore.
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Other seafood wholesale in Singapore includes Seafood Wholesale Luxury Fish Market, Wholesale of fish wholesale in Singapore, and Fresh Seafood Wholesale in Singapore.

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