How To Select Travel Nurse Jobs?

by Sudarsan Chakraborty

Travel nursing is on the rise, and it is not hard to understand why. Whenever hospitals or clinics face a shortage of permanent nursing staff, they can rely on registered nurses to temporarily fill the positions. The allure of working as a traveling nurse is also significantly strong for many since you get to enjoy the benefits of a flexible schedule, taking sufficient time off to relax, and even exploring a location while working there professionally.

 The best way to search for travel nurse jobs is through a professional staffing agency that searches jobs for you in various places while taking care of the documentation, recruitment, insurance, and other processes. You can also count on them to resolve any difficulties you might face during your job tenure in a particular healthcare facility. But before selecting a job, you should consider certain factors to avoid any problems later on.

 Read on to know what you must contemplate before deciding which position to choose from the many travel nurse jobs available.

Some benefits of being a travel nurse

You will enjoy plenty of benefits and opportunities while being engaged as a traveling nurse. For instance, you will enjoy a flexible schedule while taking breaks from assignments when you want. If you enjoy exploring new locations, this is an excellent opportunity since you will be working in different areas. You will also receive an impressive salary, besides several incentives and perks from time to time. Another significant advantage is acquiring other nursing skills you will develop while working in different healthcare environments.

Factors you should consider

What is their average weekly pay?

Usually, travel nursing agencies have a weekly or biweekly payment process. The exact amount depends from one agency to another. It would be advisable to select one that offers you an average of 3,000 USD$ weekly, or more for around 36 to 40 hours a week. However, the specific pay will depend on location, shift, specialty, and other factors. Usually, night shifts come with higher income than day shifts, while areas with lower living costs generally reduce the overall pay scale. The jobs’ nature will also determine your salary. For example, specialized jobs like cath labs and cardiovascular operating rooms pay more than non-specialized ones. 

In which locations do they offer appointments?

An agency will provide jobs for you in various areas, select those you are comfortable with and is convenient for you. You might prefer a particular place or a place you may want to visit, which could help you decide which job to select. It is essential to remember that you will be staying in that place until you complete your assignment, and during your off-time, you might want to explore it and make the most of the traveling opportunity.

You could also consider the commuting factor. Some cities might have well-developed public transport, unlike others where you would have to drive for long distances.

What are the shift timings?

Shift timings influence the overall pay you would receive as a travel nurse. It is also advisable to choose a job with shift timings that you can manage without overburdening yourself. You must ask the agency about the specific shift timing structure and how often the hospital would rotate the shifts to help you manage your routine more conveniently.

Do they have an insurance plan?

It is better to opt for an agency that provides you with insurance. If you run into any difficulties during the claims process, you can contact their customer care representatives or your travel advocate to help you out. You might also consider asking them if they provide dental, health, and vision insurance, as you never know when you might require them. They should also offer you the option of changing your insurance plan between assignments and the procedures.

What happens if the hospitals send you early?

In some cases, the clinic or healthcare facility might not require your services and decide to send you earlier than the pre-decided assignment period. Since you are not at fault in those situations, you must ask the agency about their policy regarding such early releases.

In most cases, they should be willing to pay the full stipends and wages you would have received for having worked full-time.

You might ask your staffing agency these questions while searching for travel nurse jobs. It will help you prepare beforehand and avoid any inconvenience that might arise afterward while enjoying the experience of working as a travel nurse.

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