Ideas for wedding locations

by Sudarsan

Some people dare to organize their wedding ceremony themselves, others entrust it to professionals. In any case, the main decisions regarding finding photographers, inviting guests, choosing a suitable place, and others, are made by the newlyweds. In order for the wedding to be unique and bring only nice memories, it’s important to think over all details in advance. Preparation and planning will save newlyweds from unnecessary nervousness on the eve of the big day.

Wedding location: how to choose the best option

When choosing a suitable location, the preferences of the newlyweds play the key role. Many couples know in advance what format of the ceremony they want and where is the best place to for it. However, it’s important to consider other factors as well:

  • location. Pay attention to logistics issues to determine how convenient it would be to get to the chosen place;
  • budget. The rent of certain locations may unreasonably expensive;
  • wedding style. The place of the ceremony should correspond to the theme of the entire event;
  • feedback. If possible, try to collect feedback from couples who had a wedding on the location you like and take advantage of their experience.

When choosing a location for the ceremony, it won’t hurt to apply the “measure thrice and cut once” rule and visit a chosen site several times. Surely you will find points that you need to take care of in advance to prevent possible problems. Below are some examples of non-standard locations for wedding ceremonies.

Football stadium

Usually, such a location is chosen by couples who are engaged in professional sports but not always. The main advantage of a ceremony at a football stadium is a lot of free space and protection from prying eyes. Moreover, you can use such a location at any time of the year.

Forest or field

Fans of eco weddings prefer to hold a ceremony in nature. A mysterious forest or blooming field will be a great backdrop for wedding photography. The only point worth paying attention to is convenience. It is important to think about how to get to and from your location, as well as how to get the service personnel there.


A great place for a wedding if you like vintage, classic, shabby chic or other similar styles. In a library, you can create many interesting photo zones, and the furniture and books themselves will become the photo locations.
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You will get great photos at such a place, and it will be difficult to recognize where exactly they were taken.

Zoo or Ecopark

Naturally, exotic animals and nature — all this will make the ceremony unforgettable. This is especially true for couples who are having a ‘Botanique wedding. Flora and fauna will not leave guests indifferent and will make everyone smile.

Much also depends on the choice of the studio wedding photography. Be sure to ask your wedding photographer any questions so you can discuss the chosen location for the ceremony together. Depending on this, you can think over decor, photoshoot ideas, and organize photo zones.

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