Instagram and the problem of consumption of goods

by Sudarsan

In the modern world, society faces a serious problem associated with excessive consumption of goods and services. In developed countries, people have a high income and they constantly buy a lot of clothes, accessories, various household items and so on.
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Large international organizations today are trying to fight this by explaining their position by the fact that excessive consumption is badly harmful to the ecological state of the planet.

However, not all people are ready to give up regular purchases and some services support them in this. In this article, we will tell you about how Instagram promotes unnecessary purchases and how not to be led by provocations.

What Instagram is to blame

Some time ago, a search tab appeared on this social network, by tapping on which you will find yourself in an endless feed of content that is selected in terms of your preferences. Most often, we can see there beautiful photographs with a stylish interior, photographs of people in beautiful clothes sitting in cozy coffee houses, and so on.

The viewer watching these photos wants to live the same or at least a similar life. Most people remember decor items and clothes that they saw on the vastness of social networks and try to find the same things in stores. Also, some people want to improve their account by posting the same photos. As a result, they buy real Instagram followers, because there are already a lot of such profiles and not all of them become known. And besides that, they spend money on the purchase of items to create a beautiful image.

The service sets trends and creates a fashion that a huge number of people want to follow.
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Unfortunately, despite the fact that all companies are now expressing support for those who are fighting to preserve the environment, some of them still push people to unreasonable shopping.

How not to be led by provocations

In order not to have the desire to constantly visit shopping centers and buy a lot of unnecessary things, you should spend less time on social networks. This is quite difficult because almost all of us have a smartphone addiction. However, we recommend that you try at least not tapping on the search tab on Instagram, so as not to see millions of posts with pictures of an ideal life.

If you find it difficult not to open social media applications during the day, you can remove them from your phone and download them once a day to check new messages and posts of your friends. This will help you become more productive during the day and complete more important tasks. The Internet takes up too much time in our life and due to the fact that we spend most of our time on the phone, we do not have time to work effectively and spend time with loved ones.

We hope that this article has opened your eyes to the problems of your daily life and now you will be more careful about your time.
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Be reasonable!

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