Is the Disney Vacation Club Worth it?

by Sudarsan

Are you looking forward to visiting the land where dreams come true?

While they’re admitting less than their daily average, Disneyland and other related parks are great options for fun vacations with the family. After having been in lockdown for the better part of 2020, you and your family deserve a good change in scenery with tons of activities to do, too.

The only way you can make it even better for yourself is by applying for a Disney Vacation Club membership. You’ve likely heard of the DVC before, but are you sure that you want to apply to one?

To know whether it’s worth your time and money, read what’s below. Learn all about the advantages of a DVC membership and how the process works.

How To Apply For a My Disney Vacation Club Membership

There are two ways for you to get a DVC membership. The first way is by signing up for one right as you buy tickets to enter the resort or cruise. Most attendants ask if you’re interested in joining if they notice that you’re not a DVC member.

This way means that you’re a member as soon as you start your vacation. While it may be more expensive to buy a membership on the spot, it comes with some unexpected perks. For example, applying for one while on your way to boarding the cruise ship allows for a few incentives that you won’t get when you have one already at hand.

You can also get one through the phone. All you’re needed to provide is your name and credit card info to complete the membership process.

The second way you can get a membership is by purchasing it from a user who wants to sell theirs. This process can be much cheaper since negotiations are always open with other people. However, the downside is that you may need to wait long.

DVC is a timeshare plan that allows members to reserve specific rooms, villas, or cabins in resorts that use the DVC system. Getting a membership from another person means that you need to get it through a ton of legal processes. This ensures that your name is on the contract and there are no issues that come up in the future.

How Much Does the Disney Vacation Club Cost?

It’s no lie that a DVC membership is expensive. It’s a timeshare investment, after all, that you can change to apply to any resort and accommodation of your choice at any time. For starters, you can expect the initial costs to be around $24,375 for 125 points, or $40,000 for 250 points.

DVC uses a point-based system to help members handle their resources. You can hold a minimum of 160 points in your account. This is to encourage users to use their memberships at least once per year.

The max number of points you can hold is 2000. You can add more points to your account by buying them online. How much each point will cost you will depend on the resort, though.

More luxurious resorts put a higher price per point. Disney sets their points based on how popular the resorts are with their customers.

You can also buy them from other members who are looking to resell their points. This happens when people can’t attend their designated booking on time. Their prices are substantially lower, so check online for anyone selling their points for you to use if you’re interested.

To prevent this predicament from happening to you, Disney has a program included in a DVC membership. These are the DVC waitlists, and they help you manage your bookings to secure a specific lodging at a designated date.

Paying Your Fees

Once you’re in, you have some fees to take note of. First is the annual fee, which you have to pay every 15th of January. These are to pay for the maintenance of the resorts you’ve stayed in while using your DVC membership.

You’ll get charged per point, once again, on every resort that you have points in. The rate per point will vary per resort. This means that if you have points sunk into different resorts in the last year, you’ll end up paying more than usual.

If you haven’t used any of your points on any resort in the last year, Disney will still charge you based on the rates of your home resort. Your home resort is the first purchase you’ll make after becoming a member.

You also have some closing costs to consider when buying points. These cover the title search, title insurance, and other fees when buying a property in any of the DVC resorts. Again, these will vary depending on which resort you invest in.

Perks For Having a DVC Membership

Now that you have a DVC membership, do you think it’s worth it? You may not see much advantage to having one at first, but the perks it provides will make it all worth it in the end. By being a member, you get to choose from a long list of resorts to go on a vacation in.

Booking a room isn’t a problem since you’ll have access to a special portal online. This is where you can use your points to book rooms for the number of days you’ll be staying.

This also means that you no longer need to worry about hand-to-hand transactions. Since you’ve completed your transactions ahead of time, you’ll be going on a pre-paid vacation. You’ll only need to bring cash for anything that isn’t covered by your plans like some of your meals and souvenirs.

Apply For a Disney Vacation Club Membership Today

Make your Disney vacation even more magical with the help of a Disney Vacation Club membership. Take advantage of all the perks to make your vacation comfortable and stress-free. Apply and become a DVC member today!

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