Millet muesli: Why Should You Consume It?

by Sudarsan

Wondering if you could have the benefits of nuts, oats, whole wheat, dry fruits, honey in one food item? Millet Muesli is just the food for that. It is the combination that serves the nutritional requirements of proteins and high roughage. It isn’t just healthy food but could be eaten in various ways, and it has many varieties. However, it is eaten as breakfast but could be consumed in several forms for distinct meals. Multi Millet Muesli, a variant of millet muesli, has oats, various flakes, and flax seeds, making them highly healthy.


When combined with various other food items like yogurt, juice, and milk brings out the best taste and gets the most healthful meals for a person. When weighed against granola, for they are believed to be the same, millet muesli turns out to be the healthier option for it has lower levels of sugar and a more natural nature than granola. One should consume it for the following reasons:

1] Fibers

With high amounts of fibers and whole grains, millet mueslis, when combined with a different food item, could help regulate the digestive system.

2] Full Stomach

Because of high amounts of fibers and whole grains, the stomach remains full for a long time. With ingredients like oats in it, muesli takes time in digesting thereby, not letting us starve easily or quickly. 

3] Nutrients

Millet Muesli or multi millet muesli has several nutrients in them. When muesli is soaked overnight, all the nutrients are further absorbed, giving more nutritional value to the meals.

4] Heart’s Health

Oats being one of the main ingredients of the muesli, plays an important role in ensuring that muesli is good for the heart’s health. Oats have been proved to have beta-glucan to help reduce cholesterol. Thus intake of millet muesli is a boon to the heart.

5] Energy

With a good quantity of carbohydrates in it, muesli can provide a good amount of energy throughout the day. And with it being an appropriate food for energy, you can avoid having energy drinks which are a bad substitute for it.

6] Proteins

Muesli is a rich source of proteins, for it has lots of nuts. This protein is excellent for bones, hairs, and keeping blood pressure checked. It is a fine alternative for non-vegetarian sources of proteins.

7] Iron

Muesli is a rich source of energy, stops fatigue, provides iron, and assists in the production of hemoglobin. This richness of iron also keeps a check on blood pressure.

8] Eyes’ Health

Being enriched with several nutrients, muesli has been beneficial for the eyes, for it has antioxidants in abundance. It is filled with omega- 3 fatty acids that keep the eyes healthy and shield them.


When combined with various food items, muesli is a sought-after storehouse of minerals, vitamins, and other important nutrients. With several companies selling millet and multi millet muesli online, we can buy them easily and provide ourselves with star kinds of meals. Though there might be doubts in some minds about the kind of combination to take up with millet muesli or multi millet muesli, as long as they have nutrition and are in the category of milk, yogurt, and fruits and juices, it all works out just perfect.

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