Most Common Fishing Mistakes That Leave You Empty-handed

by Sudarsan

Known as a primeval hobby, fishing is an outdoor recreational activity that never seems to go out of trend. Whether you had bad days at home or the office, all those bad vibes will quickly fade away by spending an entire weekend on a fishing trip. While others assume that fishing is a boring activity, fishing enthusiasts believe fishing is a rewarding and fulfilling experience.

Going on a fishing trip is one of the most exciting parts of the fishing experience. You get to meet fellow anglers who have been fishing for several years and other fishing adventurers who get to visit popular fishing destinations around the world, such as the salmon fishing trips in Alaska and tuna fishing in Prince Edward Island in Canada.

But fishing is not just all about having fun and catching fishes. Even the most experienced angler will agree that there’s a fine line between success and failure when reeling a potential catch. Fishing is not just about casting something in the water; there’s plenty of factors involved that anyone cannot control. Sometimes, you even come home empty-handed. To make your fishing trips a memorable experience for you, here are some fishing mistakes to avoid and ensure a successful catch next time.

Choosing the wrong timing

When it comes to fishing, timing is critical. It isn’t something you can single-handedly control since there are plenty of factors involved, such as the weather, time of day, and the season. But equipping yourself with basic knowledge about fishing will give you a competitive edge among other fishermen.

The weather can easily make or break your fishing experience. It is a general rule to know the weather trend the night before your trip. This will keep you informed about the weather condition of your target location. You can also use technology by searching for applications that offer fishing calendars, sun/moon information, and tide times. These applications may come in handy to make your fishing extremely fruitful.

Another common mistake is relying too much on your limited fishing skills. You’ll likely end up spending the entire day waiting for nothing. To avoid getting stuck, study fishing strategies, adapt those tactics to your game plan and consider the current weather condition. You can also seek the help of a skilled fishing guide to teach you the right timing when fishing.

Barehand fishing

Reeling a nice catch can give you an overwhelming feeling of excitement and happiness. Often, anglers get extremely excited that they want to remove it from the bait, show it to everyone, and even take a photo with their big catch.

Unfortunately, some anglers end up handling the catch with their bare hands. This is a perilous mistake that can lead to minor wounds, cuts, bites, infection, and even amputated fingers. It often happens when you’re having a hard time controlling the live catch. Handling the fish with bare hands is a sure way to lose your catch since they still have plenty of energy to escape from your hold and jump back into the sea.

Wearing gloves is the proper way to handle a catch as it serves as your protection from getting scratched or bitten. Many fishes have sharp teeth that contain bacteria, which is quite dangerous when it gets into your skin.

Another threat in bare hand fishing is noodling or fishing through abandoned catfish holes. Once the fish has abandoned the hole, it becomes a new habitat for other aquatic life forms, such as snakes, muskrats, alligators, beavers, and snapping turtles.

Lack of preparation

Fishing is not just about sitting around the boat all day. It requires physical preparation that involves developing arm and leg strength before boarding. If your location is home to large fishes, it often takes time before you reel in a successful catch.
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Doing this can put pressure on your arms, back, and legs as you wait around for several hours.

Having a weak back is not suitable for those who plan to fish in open waters. Although the fishing boat may include a harness to avoid back injuries and maintain your ground, you need to take time to strengthen the lower back muscles to give you a strong balance and control in case your catch struggles to escape.

Whether you’re a beginner or a skilled angler, fishing is certainly a fun and rewarding experience. Going home with an empty catch is just a part of the activity. Remember that getting unbelievable catches is just about finding optimal opportunities. A great tip is to join guided fishing trips and seek the help of a seasoned expert to learn the best fishing strategies.

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