Happy Life: Surprising Benefits of Being Single

by Sudarsan Chakraborty

Some studies claimed that single people are often unhappy. Contrary to that, other studies found that the happiest demographic is made up of singles. Nevertheless, it’s essential to understand that solitary status does not define our happiness and health. If you’re currently unattached, it’s always ideal to look on the bright side.

Luckily for you, being single means more freedom, from your actions, choices, to goals. Check out this list to learn more about the surprising benefits of being single and how it can help you embrace your authentic self.

1. You tend to be healthier

Did you know that studies found that single individuals get more exercise than married ones? Singles are considered to be the most active in the herd. In an article from Psychology Today, one social psychologist talks about how single women tend to be healthier overall than married ones. In fact, they also have fewer doctors’ visits and sick days.

Other related studies also found that most single people also have a lower BMI and weigh about five pounds less. There are even more single individuals hitting the gym right now. Take the opportunity of being unattached to focus on your health. Spend time working out. Enjoy preparing healthier meals for yourself.

2. You have plenty of time to focus on yourself

It’s a general fact that many individuals say they’ve lost a part of themselves when they are in a relationship. This is particularly because they stop doing things on their own and typically relying more on their partners.

Psychologists say that by having less time to focus on your own personal development or just being alone, you actually risk losing touch with yourself. On the other hand, being single gives you the total time and space you need to be alone. It basically creates a positive chance for you to focus on your entire well-being.

3. You can become more financially responsible

In a statistic from debt.org, it’s been found that 36% of married people with children and 27% of married couples with no kids had credit-card debt. For single people? There are just 21%. Regardless if you have kids or not, having a partner can be linked to more spending. While some researchers claim that being part of a couple allows you to share financial burdens and responsibilities, several experts disagree. They believe that single people tend to be more financially independent and more frugal.

Since you don’t have someone else to share expenses with, you become more resourceful and proactive in handling your money. You are more careful in adding or paying for your expenses and stricter in your savings and investments.

4. You can buy ‘almost’ everything you want

Talking about being more financially responsible, being single obviously gives you more freedom to purchase things, big or small, anytime you want. Being in a relationship or having a family often restricts people with things they want for themselves since there are tons of other expenses that need to be prioritized.

As for you, you have more flexibility to budget and save for whatever it is you need or want. Have you always wanted to buy and collect custom diamond rings, bracelets, and other accessories? Honey, you can save for that in a short time. Planning to get a new car or get a bigger apartment? You can make that happen way faster!

5. You can sleep better and more peacefully

Having the bed for yourself is not only comfortable; it also offers enormous health benefits for you. Single people, on average, can get about seven hours of sleep, which is more than what individuals in relationships get.

According to one survey by Amerisleep, singles get better sleep than others—even to those in healthy relationships. The better quality of sleep you have, the healthier you will be. Your body can function at a healthy rate, and you have a better mood and focus.

6. You become more self-sufficient

Again, forget the stereotype that being single means you are lonely. It is not. Look at it this way, you get to spend more alone time and learn how to be more self-sufficient. If you’re coming from a relationship, this might seem difficult at first. But once you master the art of being alone, amazing benefits are waiting for you.

In fact, experts say single people who are more self-sufficient are less likely to have negative emotions and thoughts. That’s because you have the opportunity to achieve mental clarity and resilience.

Being single should not be in any way a hindrance to achieving your true happiness and even good health. Ignore the pressure of society and embrace your independence. You’ll feel more fulfilled and ecstatic by enjoying your single life—just look at these perks!

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