by Sudarsan Chakraborty

There’s no apparel common as nightwear in Australia, with its history dating back to decades of use. The reason pyjamas are essential could be attributed to the fact that they are more comfortable than many of the clothes in a woman’s wardrobe, as they should be. Being nightwear or sleepwear, investing in a good set of comfortable clothes is attributed to better sleep.  Take a look at these reasons why a set of comfortable sleepwear is an integral part of a woman’s sleep routine:

  • Pyjamas or sleepwear have the softest fabric designed to take care of the skin rather than damage it. People have experienced rashness or discomfort when wearing clothes of other materials, especially more complex fabrics when sleeping in. 
  • Being light, they don’t form any tightness on the body and give space for stretching and relaxation. They don’t cause tension on the skin and give a mole room for breathing and movement.
  • Pajama production in Australia occurs in enormous numbers because there is no need for intricate designs or complex textures. For this reason, many of them are affordable and even cheaper than regular clothes. This could be one of the reasons why they are high in demand throughout the country. 
  • They have a lesser pollution factor when compared with other apparels. 

Things To Consider When Buying Pyjamas In The Market:

The sleepwear market contributes a significant share to Australia’s fashion industry and the infant wear and undergarments sectors, together with generating a total of about 208.3 million dollars worth of market value as of 2021. Make sure to consider these tips to ensure that the pajamas bought will be the best investment for a night of better sleep and a healthy well being: 

Seasons Matter: Nightwear comfortable during the hot and dry summers will never work well with cold winters when sleeping in. Considering the time of the year can help make the customer undertake the right purchase since both require different types of material and design.

Pick Out The Right Fabric: There are plenty of great materials available in the market for nightwear. How the fabric might feel will be different for every individual. Some people get irritated with the smoothness of silk, whereas others completely adore it. Cotton and silk are ideal for summers, with flannel and wool making their rounds during winters. 

Style: There is a wrong assumption that just because they’re pyjamas, they don’t need to be that fashionable. This should not always be the case. 

It depends on the design and the colour tones they come in. Choosing an excellent design with bright colours can make these clothes wearable outside too. 

Regular Care: Do remember that being sleepwear, they require constant washing and cleaning every week. This is where fabrics come into play. Regular fabrics don’t require gentle washing and can do well with machine washes, but delicate fabrics, on the other hand, do require extra care when washing. But the better the care, the longer they last and the more the person can exploit its utility. 

Nightwear also comes in various types in the country as fashion constantly pushes its limits every day. From robes and nightgowns to sets of full or half sleeve tops and comfortable bottom wear, night apparel has genuinely created its niche when it comes to sleepwear. Although most people downplay the importance of a good set of comfortable nightwear, do remember that investing a good deal on bettering the sleep quality can have enormous benefits in the future. 

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