7 Signs Your Home Water Filter Needs Replacement

by Sudarsan

Having a clean and fresh supply of water in your household is considered one of the basic necessities already. Since tap water contains organic and inorganic materials, undesired chemical compounds, and even biological contaminants, using a home water filter has been a great option. This refers to a device used for removing impurities, lowering the contamination of water to provide clean filtered water on tap. 

However, just like other home appliances and devices, your water filter can wear over time. This is especially true if it has reached its average lifespan. Hence, to make sure it’s still giving your family clean and healthy water, check your filter as soon as possible and find out if it’s time to change it. 

So, if you have a water filter at home, below are the seven signs it needs replacement:

Drop In Water Pressure

One of the common signs your water filter needs to be replaced is when you notice a slow drop in water pressure in the fixtures around your house. When this happens, your filter may have been clogged up due to several reasons, such as extensive leaking. 

In such a case, you need to have your filter replaced right away to avoid more serious water problems. 

Bad Tasting Water

When your home water filter begins to fail, it slowly affects the quality of your water. Generally, a failing filter can mean bad tasting water. When your water starts to taste metallic or salty, it can be an indicator that you need to get a new filter like the ones you see in filtap.com.au/melbourne-water-filters/ and other reputable suppliers.

Remember, you can have peace of mind knowing your tap water supply is free from bad tastes and is safe for drinking. 

Strained Sound

When your water filter reaches the end of its lifespan, it might start to sound strained like the ones you hear from an aging water pump. This odd sound can be an indicator that your filter is failing and needs to be replaced with a new one. 

By doing this, you can prevent it from breaking down completely, which may result in costly repairs or replacements. 

Slippery Water

Another way of determining whether it’s time to replace your home water filter is when your filtered water begins to feel slippery. When you wipe some water between your fingers and it’s slippery, it means you have soft water. This type of water is highly concentrated with potassium and sodium ions. 

When you notice that the filtered water still feels slipper after the filtration method, you should decide to replace the old device with a new one. In most cases, having slippery water even after filtering can mean your filter is no longer doing its job. 


When you notice some small pieces of debris, dirt, and anything that can contaminate your water, it can be a sign your home water filter isn’t functioning properly and should be replaced right away. For example, if you see some black molds in your water, it can be an indicator that your water is no longer clean and safe for drinking. 

Generally, black mold is a fungus that can be harmful to a person’s body. Having it in your water might cause a lot of health problems. That being said, you should change your water filter to ensure fresh and healthy filtered water on tap.

Unpleasant Smell

When the filtered water smells peculiar and unpleasant, it can be a sign that your home water filter is clogged and dirty. As such, the water coming from it is no longer suitable for drinking. 

So, if you feel like your filtered water comes with a strange smell, you may have to check the water filter and see if its replacement can address the problem. 

Damaged Water Filter

In some cases, a damaged water filter should be replaced right away. This damage can usually happen in several ways, such as aggressive cleaning, failure to switch it during flushing, and many more. Thus, if you notice there’s something wrong with your filter, don’t hesitate to have it checked and assess whether a replacement can be a good option. 

To help you, you can hire a good plumber to do the inspection job for you. 

Bottom Line

As mentioned, water filters are used to make the water you drink clean and healthier. They take away water impurities and other contaminants in your water supply. This is one reason why installing a water filter at home comes with a lot of benefits. 

If you want to get the most out of these benefits, you should ensure your filter is working properly at all times by knowing if it needs replacement. Therefore, keep these signs in mind so you can quickly determine whether your home water filter should be replaced as soon as possible.

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