Popular ambient music for retail stores

by Sudarsan Chakraborty
music for retail stores

Ambient music refers to any audio that is played in the background. It can be instrumental, but it is best when it has lyrics. A perfect example of ambient music would be Enya’s hit song Orinoco Flow. Even though there are vocals, this song creates a sense of calm and tranquillity through its slow piano rhythmically accompanied by drums and synthesizers.

In retail outlets, retail store managers use ambient music to achieve several objectives: to assist customers in making purchase decisions; reduce noise levels and improve customer experience; improve staff morale and create a pleasant working atmosphere; mask out irritating ambient noises such as sound from adjacent departments.

There are various tunes that retail stores play at their outlets, including uplifting, country, jazz, and classical. These tracks are specially created to brighten up the store environment and make customers more comfortable while shopping.

Here is popular ambient music for retail stores:

1). A Sky Full Of Stars By Coldplay. This song was released in May 2014 as an electronic track composed with synthesizers that slowly build into an uplifting chorus accompanied by drums with church-like bell tolls in between verses.

2). Hey Brother By Avicii. This song was released in October 2013 as an EDM track comprising bleeping synths, dynamic drum kicks, and a whistling siren sound repeated throughout the track.

3). All Of Me By John Legend. Released in February 2013 as an R&B song, this tune comprises gentle piano melodies with timpani drums playing behind it, complemented by a gospel choir singing the chorus and delivering heartfelt messages of love and affection.

4). Daft Punk – Get Lucky (Cover Version) By Pharrell Williams. This song was released in April 2013 as an electronic pop number emphasizing groovy basslines and breezy rhythms, which can put listeners at ease.

5). Half A Heart By One Direction. This song was released in June 2012 as an upbeat, contemporary pop number with lyrics about boys’ expectations for their girlfriends to give them their hearts.

6). Adventure Of A Lifetime By Coldplay. Released in November 2015 as an electronic track that sounds like it is lifted straight out of a computer game, this tune has simple synth melodies accompanied by busy high-hat rhythms and drums.

7). Love Me As You Do By Ellie Goulding. Released in February 2015 as an electro-pop ballad duet featuring falsettos in between verses with pulsating beats throughout the track which brings out the song’s dreamy theme well.

The ambient music for retail stores in Singapore is a great way to get customers shopping longer. This type of music has been proven to have the power to help increase sales, so it’s worth using this tactic if you are looking for ways to improve your business.

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