10 Toilet Repairs Problems Only Your Plumber Can Solve

by Sudarsan

Irvine has a subtropical climate with average temperatures of around 28 C most of the year. Stats show that households in warm locations experience plumbing issues more frequently than colder locations. 

Here are ten common toilet repair problems that should be left to plumbing experts to fix. The best idea is to check with them before making any purchases or attempting to solve these issues on your own.

Leaky Toilet Seals

Toilet seals are each under constant pressure from their surroundings, and they naturally start wearing out after a few years of use. They work as rubber disks placed between the tank’s base and its bowl, an airtight seal so that no water or other substances can escape from the tank.

The average cost of toilet repair in Irvine, CA, is between $140 and $300. Inspecting and testing these seals may be all it takes to fix a leak.

Because of this, most plumbers will replace them themselves when you complain about leaking water. It’s usually cheaper for your plumber to swap old parts with new ones than repair existing ones.

Deteriorating Wax Putty Rings

The wax putty rings that connect your toilet bowl and your waste line should never be disturbed unless you’re experienced in dealing with such problems yourself. 

Improper installation of these rings leads to leaks, leading to further expenses in repairing water damage. Make sure that you buy the exact model of the putty ring in the exact size recommended by your plumber before attempting installation yourself.

Diseased Toilet Bowls

Repairs aren’t the only area where contractors are indispensable. Some problems stem from design issues. 

So many people today prefer using bidets over traditional sitting toilets. These problems are health-related, and you can fix them with a replacement of part or the entire desk itself.

Toilet Tank Flushes That Don’t Work

If you can hear your toilet’s flush mechanism working, but the bowl is not filling with water, it could be that the problem lies in the flapper. This part of your toilet tank is responsible for sealing off the opening in your bowl when they’re closed and allowing water to flow into your bowl when opened. 

If this part gets damaged or worn out through age, you’ll end up having to replace it yourself since a plumber will not handle such problems under normal circumstances.

Leaking Ballcocks and Handle Seals

When you try pushing down on the flusher handle, and nothing happens, there could be one of two things wrong: 

  • You’re dealing with a faulty ballcock (the valve responsible for filling your toilet tank with water) or 
  • You’re dealing with a faulty flusher handle seal. 

Your plumber can quickly determine which part needs to be replaced and will do so for you quickly and skillfully.

Toilet Bowls That Won’t Fill Up

If you find yourself waiting several minutes before finally having to flush 3 or 4 times to get the bowl filled, you might be facing a faulty float ball mechanism. 

Once again, this particular problem cannot be fixed by anyone other than a professional plumber (which means that home repairs will probably only add up the bill).

Clogs Caused By Foreign Objects

Suppose you’ve already tried the usual techniques for clearing blockages, such as plunging or pouring a bucket of hot water into the bowl. In that case, this particular problem will likely require the services of a trained professional.

Clogs Caused By Strong Root Systems

Irvine has over 550,000 trees. If you’re dealing with an old residential sewer system that hasn’t been upgraded recently, there’s a perfect chance that roots from nearby trees and plants have managed to break into your drain pipes. Tree roots create intense clogs that standard methods cannot loosen up.

Clogged Drains Caused By Grease

When you pour cooking grease down the kitchen drain, it hardens up pretty quickly because of the cool water that travels underneath your sink. This grease causes blockages which only a pro can unclog by using specialized equipment and chemicals.

Clogged Drains Caused By Hair or Soap Scum

It is essential to remove any clogs caused by hair or soap scum from your drains. This particular problem can be fixed using a plunger but what happens next is that another pesky minor clog will appear further down the line. Other clogs happen because part of the previous one remains trapped inside after being pushed further into your drain.

Your plumber can help you avoid such scenarios with his high-pressure water jetting services and other advanced toilet repair techniques, along with their experience in dealing with plumbing issues.

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