Pornography Addiction: Do I Have One?

by Sudarsan Chakraborty

There are many things you may be addicted to, but have you ever considered pornography as an addiction? The truth is that porn is something you may develop a dependency on, in some cases. Here’s how to know if this is an issue that you should be concerned about or not. 

You Are Unable to Stop Viewing It

Do you watch porn for many hours at a time? If you are viewing porn for many hours a day, each and every day, you may be addicted to it. Looking at porn is quite common, since millions of adults view it regularly. However, if you are looking at it whenever you should be doing other things, this can be problematic and indicate that you may have an addiction. For more information on pornography and how you can become addicted to it, look at some of the information on BetterHelp

You Think About It When You’re Not Looking at It

If you find yourself thinking about porn even when you aren’t watching it, this could mean that you have an addiction as well. Once pornography is all you think about, you may need to consider treatment to get over your addiction. This could indicate that you are unable to view enough porn for your tastes. It might even keep you from experiencing sex in real life, which can be detrimental if you are in a relationship. 

It is Impacting Your Routine

Another way to tell that you may have a porn addiction is if it is keeping you from doing important things. When you are watching porn instead of taking a shower or going to work, it has affected your routine. Perhaps you’d rather watch porn than hang out with your friends. You may need to consider changing your habits if you notice this type of behavior in yourself. 

What to Do

When you feel like you may have an addiction to porn, you should talk to a professional. A therapist will be able to let you know for sure if they feel that you have a porn addiction and offer strategies to help you lessen the effects of it. This may call for you needing to get rid of your bookmarks and videos that you have saved, or you might have to take up a new hobby. There are many options available when it comes to treating pornography addiction, and it isn’t something that you need to be ashamed of. There is help out there when you need it, and you want to make a change. 


There are a few major ways to know if you might be experiencing a porn addiction. If you are spending a lot of time watching porn, can’t stop thinking about it, and are neglecting other duties in your life, you may have an addiction. This is a condition that should be treated by a therapist, so make sure you reach out if you are interested. You can choose to work with a professional in their office, or through an online app, whichever way works better for you.

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