Sales Tactics: People Search by a First Name to Get More Details about Prospect

by Sudarsan

A proven sales hack is building a potential client database and finding better ways to stay in touch with them. Sometimes all you have is the first name of your potential customer and you need to dig up other information about them. It is worth checking the article how to find someone with just a first name, and yes, it is possible to run people search by a first name. To find someone if you only know a first name can be tricky without understanding the right approach. In this article, you will learn simple tips on how to find someone without a last name. 

Tips for people search by a first name

❖    Explore the use of search engines, google and online search tools and websites

❖    Explore social media platforms

❖    Get as much of any other information you can on the person (country, state, city, year of birth, zip code, location and occupation etc)

❖    Explore information from public records as hospitals, police stations, courthouses etc

❖    Use a photo of the person to do a reverse image search

Explore social media platforms

Social media is perhaps the most common and useful way to find someone if you only know a first name or if you are trying to find someone if you only know a first name. This would require a bit of searching. If the person(s) do not have very restrictive privacy settings and pseudo names, your search would be easier. It is also important to check if the person shares any mutual Facebook connections. If there are any such third party Facebook connections, you may consider searching them on the Facebook wall or friend list of the mutual connections. Instagram and twitter operate along similar systems; you may look them up there and look up followers. A careful search should reveal some useful hints that would help directly or indirectly.

Get as Much Information You Can on the Person (country, state, city, year of birth, zip code, location and occupation, etc)

If you are trying to find a person by a first name, you need to understand that it is very important to get as much information about the person. Every bit of information you have makes it easier for you. Rather than spending much time and energy using the first name in desperation to find this person, focus on expanding your search options or search items both online and offline. For example, using the person’s first name, you can dig information on where they once or currently live and/or work. If you can connect physically or virtually to anyone connected with the persons, you will find sketchy useful information. 

Explore the Use of Search Engines: Google and other Online Search Tools and Websites

Google or whatever search engine you choose can be a helpful way to search for a person by the first name. It is helpful when you have more supportive information about this person. For example, if you have an idea where they live or work, you can combine them with your search for the first name.

Radaris.  Radaris is a public record service company. It is the home of a hundred million records, Radaris is a sure help when you need to find people by a first name. You would need to provide some details about the person, such as the person’s name, age, mobile phone number, and mailing address, and any other background information.

Explore Public Records from Hospitals, Police Stations, Courthouses, Phonebooks, and Email Addresses

As we have stressed earlier, people search using the first name is a lot easier with the more information you have about the person. There is a lot you can find by looking through the information available at public records that could provide information such as the person’s date of birth, details about education like schools attended, and dates. Consider visiting public places and records like hospitals, police stations, courts, government offices to look up and compare notes.

Use a Photo of the Person for a Reverse Image Search

A photo is best when you or a mutual friend/contact and you know what the person looks like, or are fortunate enough to have a picture of the person. You can search the image over the internet and pin the image to other information when you are finding people without a last name. Image search tools such as Google image tool, Tineye, Pinterest, and Yahoo Image search can be helpful in running a people search by a first name.

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