Screen Damage: Causes, Risks, and Care Tips

by Sudarsan

Everyone knows the feeling of a mini-heart attack when their phone dropped on the ground with impact. When it breaks, what they dreaded has finally come. But so many Americans continue to use their phones right after they’re cracked. They’re still usable anyway, so why bother going out for repair in the middle of a workday or any hassling time?

LCD versus Front Screen

When you break the phone, it’s either the LCD or the front screen made of either glass or acrylic that’s damaged. LCD and the front material are the same screens but with different purposes. LCD damage is more critical for the overall phone since it has the touchable display features that enable the smartphone to function as it is—a touch screen.

On the other hand, when the display still works properly even when the screen is shattered or cracked, it may just be the glass/acrylic screen that’s broken. Compared to the LCD damage, the front screen damage is minor, although it’s the risks that would need you to go to a cell phone screen repair shop. Getting them repaired, LCD replacement would be more expensive than the other.

Causes of Phone Screen Damage

Usually, what damages the front screen is what also damages the LCD beneath—the main culprit being the breaking. But for the LCD, the cause of damage may include liquids or heat. When the LCD is damaged, it can signal the end of the phone’s touch screen ability.

Whether out of clumsiness or pure accident, there are so many reasons for people breaking their screens. Some people admit immediately breaking their phones just within a month of their purchase, while others did it over time simply for general usage.

They may have dropped their phones while bathing, on the toilet, bumping into someone or something, exercising, using one hand to text, taking a selfie, or trying to throw the phone to the sofa or bed then it bumped. Children may have dropped the phone or the owner intentionally threw it out of anger.

Others mysteriously find their phones cracked when they take them out of their bag. Plenty of people accidentally sat on their phone, whether it be on their back pocket, on a chair, on a car seat, or something heavy that sits on top of it. 

Risks of Using Phones with Broken Screens

There’s still no reason to be complacent after finding out the damage is merely on the front screen of your phone, whether it be glass or acrylic. The cracks can do you and your phone harm although they don’t hinder your phone’s function—yet.

If you insist on using your phone even with its broken screen, be aware of these risks:

Shards will hurt your fingers

On the first day that your phone receives a severe blow, it will get thousands of splinters that can cut your fingers as you scroll and swipe. It’s tempting to still use it even with the cracks, especially if it’s still functional. 

However, if for any reason you can’t have your phone repaired yet, you can use a screen protector or clear tape to cover the cracks in the meantime.

It makes your phone more vulnerable

The front screen is there to protect the LCD and all the other parts inside from any damaging elements. With it being cracked, your phone is more vulnerable to foreign objects—water, dust, or debris

Whereas before you could just wipe your phone with a damp cloth, now it can be harmful. It nulls its protection, especially taking the waterproof ability of your phone if it’s labeled water-resistant.

It can lead to burning

The cracks make it difficult for the phone to regulate its energy output or battery, which can then cause fires. It may put the users on an electric shock especially when handling it while charging and potentially even burn. The accumulated dust can increase the risk of fire.

It may altogether stop your phone from working

Over time, with moisture, dust, debris, or even oils from your fingers accumulating, the damage will creep to the LCD. The LCD may not be damaged yet so you’ll notice it works as usual, but soon, its display will malfunction. It can easily get from just looking unsightly to not properly working or at all.

For mild cracks, without any piece missing, you can always use a screen protector, but if it’s way beyond that, don’t wait until it gets worse. You can’t wait until it gets non-salvageable. Have your phone repaired immediately.

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