Steps to Become an Effective Secondary School Teacher

by Sudarsan

The Australian education system is considered one of the best systems in the world for both international and domestic students at all levels. It showcases a comprehensive curriculum with high standard education provided by highly qualified teachers. Many teachers have a bachelor of secondary education degree that equips them with all the skills necessary to educate the students holistically in their schools. The education is similar across all the states. Therefore, education quality and teacher training are standardised across the country.

A Brief About Secondary School Education in Australia

Secondary schools cater to children aged between 7 and 12 years for their educational needs. Some states allow students to drop out after Year 10 to pursue vocational training and apprenticeship. The secondary school curriculum follows the national framework provided by the education department. They teach numerous subjects, including science, mathematics, history, geography, civics, languages and arts. 

The curriculum also includes physical education and health, information and communication technology, citizenship, economics and business. After completing the exams, the schools provide students with a Senior Secondary Certificate of Education to help them graduate to the next level.

Becoming a Secondary School Teacher

Aspiring teachers require a bachelor of secondary education and specialisation in any teachable subject. A state teaching certificate or license is necessary to teach in public schools. It involves completing a state-approved teacher training program. Although teaching in private schools does not require certification, there is a growing preference. The next step to becoming a secondary school teacher is completing a student teaching internship in the subjects they wish to teach. During this time, they get an opportunity to check how the school works, practice their teaching skills, gain critical feedback, learn ways to handle classes and discipline students. They must follow it up by applying for teaching licensure in their state and begin applying for teaching positions in schools.

Traits of an Effective Secondary School Teacher

Exemplary People Skills

Aspiring secondary school teachers must first have good communication skills to build a good rapport and trust. Compassion, empathy, and assertiveness are vital while dealing with students. Therefore, having the ability to understand their thoughts, emotions and experiences and guiding them whenever necessary is a crucial trait they must have. Having a good sense of humour and positivity encourages the students to open up in classrooms and actively participate in the tasks.  

Deep Understanding and Knowledge of the Subject

The teachers must have a thorough understanding of the subject to communicate effectively with the students and help them grasp the subject. They must also update themselves with the latest research and innovations in the field, which only happens if they continue learning. Gaining a bachelor of secondary education degree provides them with the tools necessary to specialise in subjects and gain mastery through their teaching years.

Ability to Demonstrate Using Multimedia

While textbooks and resources provide students with the necessary information about a subject or topic, it is the teacher’s role is to help them understand their relevance, workings, and applications. They must cater to students of all learning styles by demonstrating the concepts using audio, visual and kinaesthetic approaches. A hands-on approach is vital for teachers to communicate more effectively. Modelling is also an invaluable skill that benefits both teachers and their students in the long run.

Create Relevance For the Topics

While engaging students over 7-years, it is essential to help them connect the information and the skills with the real world. By providing examples and real-life problems and relating the teaching to the things they see around, the teachers are more likely to motivate and inspire them to learn.

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