Steps you can take when selecting a Social Media Influencer

by Sudarsan

It is a common struggle to manage and grow a steady social media presence as a marketer because social media has so much going on at the same time. It gets more challenging when audiences want to be told stories by creators, brands, and businesses alike – so that forces you to create interesting texts or captions alongside your posts. Agencies are increasingly noticing the power that storytellers hold in the online realm.

This is where social media influencers come in, and professionals in the PR and marketing spaces have taken notice of them. This is because they hold a unique position in the social media world – they have targeted audiences already, and these audiences follow all their posts and moves due to the relationships they have with these creators. In many ways, it is similar to generating high numbers of followers through seeking steps for increasing followers on your Instagram or other social media platforms and then creating brand loyalty.

You can reap the benefits of working with social media influencers when increasing your brand’s reach by using these steps.

Set your end goals 

Before looking for an influencer, you need to know the goal achievement points, which are unique for every business. Determine the success metrics you will use, the points when you will achieve home runs and other scorekeeping measures. 

The best way is to measure your progress is by goals such as reach and exposure, increases in sales, or increase in engagements, or use all of them. It is always important that anyone with who you decide you want to work is on the same page as you.

Know the niche the influencer covers

When you are selecting an influencer, you need to know the industry they work in, as well as the connections they have to your sector or brand. An example is choosing parenting influencers if you want to create a campaign for selling baby products.

You cannot afford to ignore authenticity in an influencer marketing campaign, and getting an influencer that is within your business niche will bring you closer to success.

Be attentive to influencer stats

When all is said and done, the specifics that go into influencer marketing are a tricky subject. You may initially look at the number of followers a prospective influencer has, and conclude that they are the best option you have to achieve results, without examining the actual value of the campaign. 

For instance, if you have the choice of two influencers – one with fewer followers than another, many will tend to choose the one with more followers without examining whether they are a good fit. This is a common mistake many brands do when enlisting influencers in their campaigns.

It is always best to go for influencers that have a tight-knit community behind them that engages them highly and trusts their opinion, even if their reach is smaller than choosing an influencer who has thousands of followers who are only following them casually. Some influencers get followings mainly consisting of fake profiles, but these will not bring any lasting results. Better metrics to look at are the audience demographics, the target group’s reach, and engagement rates.

Familiarize yourself with the audience

Every number has a story behind it, so you need to know if the influencer has an audience that fits the requirements of your target group. It is possible that there are some red flags – including suspicious or fake accounts following the influencer, or their content fails to interest the audience.

It also helps to see how the influencer interacts with their audience. If there is little or no engagement on their posts, and their followers do not involve themselves in some way, hiring the influencer will fail to bring you the results you want.

Examine their previous marketing campaigns – if any

There may be reasons you have for wanting a certain influencer for your brand, such as seeing them in other ads. If they have appeared in other campaigns, it always helps to examine them as well to see if the brands they have worked with share the same values as yours.

When booking an influencer for your campaign, it is always important to see if they match your values and their engagement rates are high. This will increase your chances of success.

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