Technical Logistics: The Future is Here

by Sudarsan

You may or may not already know that our world is changing, as we move into a new dimension of digital technology with the Internet of Things soon to be launched and all we can do is prepare for a new level of digital connectivity. Next time you are out and about in the city, take note of digital signage and the touch-screen vending machines that are emerging everywhere and all of this hi-tech equipment needs to be installed and maintained, which is the job of the tech logistics specialist.

White Glove Logistics

Highly technical equipment demands specialist handling; the white glove logistics team transport, install and calibrate technical equipment across a wide range of industries. The white glove logistics sector is one of the fastest growing service industries that provides essential services to many different sectors; the leading UK white glove logistics, Rhenus High Tech offers a wide range of tech services that include:

  • Asset management and recovery – IT hardware often requires replacing and when a large national company wants to replace their workstation computers, they would call in a technical logistics provider. They dispose of IT hardware according to WEEE directives and can configure new hardware and bring it online ready for use.
  • Data centre – Build and relocation – Every organisation collects data and sooner or later, you need to add drives to your stack; the white glove technicians can build or relocate data centres.
  • Final mile delivery – When large and sophisticated technical equipment needs to be installed, the white glove team takes possession of the equipment at a pre-agreed location that is close to the final destination. Once the tech team takes possession of the equipment, they are responsible for everything that follows, including the calibration and final testing.
  • Fitness equipment – State of the art fitness equipment is installed and maintained by technical logistics, which involves setting up the digital network that manages the equipment.  Click here for a few PR tips to help project the right image.
  • Full technical installation – A large and complex piece of equipment such as a power generator or turbine demands specialised handling and the entire operation is completed by the white glove technicians. The team would be manufacturer-approved and fully briefed on the equipment, ensuring a smooth installation and configuration.
  • Reverse logistics – There are occasions when equipment needs to be removed and returned to the OEM; it might be the end of the lease or demo period and the technical logistics team disassembles and transports the equipment to the required destination.
  • Hi-tech warehousing – Fully automated warehousing is one of the fastest growing sectors, as robotics merge with AI and the white glove technician is certified to work with this highly technical equipment. If you run a 3PL business and would like to know how automation can boost productivity, search online for a leading supplier of AI driven automated solutions that can be tailored to suit your needs.

Technical logistics have come on in leaps and bounds and with this skilled support, industries can take advantage of the latest technology and move into a new era of digital tech.

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