What to Consider When Hiring a Home Care Service

by Sudarsan Chakraborty

Is your loved one, to a certain degree, incapacitated? Ageing, accidents, medical conditions, to mention a few considerations, can render your loved one incapable of managing certain activities of daily living. In such situations, you want to help them as much as possible. This can be overwhelming, especially as you strive to balance your demanding schedule. Home care in London, Ontario comes in handy in such situations. Whether you are looking for senior care and companionship, support for a loved one who has Alzheimer/dementia, or stroke/post-surgery recovery help, among other situations, the right professional home care service can considerably lighten the load. Selecting the right home care service can be challenging, but you can quickly find the right match with a few pointers. Here are factors to consider, easing your search.


Are you licensed and insured? A licensed home care service gives you peace of mind, as you are confident the state’s regulations bind them. You don’t want to hire a service that can disappear into thin air if something goes wrong. Insurance is also essential, keeping in mind that the service sends someone to your property. If they get injured while delivering the needed care to your loved one, you don’t want to be held responsible. The financial consequence can be costly, stressing the need to ensure that the service carries insurance for its caregivers.

Customer service

Communication is an integral part as you strive to improve your loved one’s situation. The best home care services offer a free consultation. Take advantage of the offer to weigh their professionalism and customer service effectiveness. Are they engaged, available 24/7, and knowledgeable? With active and effective customer service, you’ll eliminate the friction that could affect the quality of care delivered. This is especially in uncertain situations. You don’t want a service that isn’t available in emergency-like cases, or that isn’t straightforward.  This could cause unnecessary pressure, yet among the primary reasons you hire the service is to lighten the load and lower stress levels.


Are their existing and previous clients satisfied? What about their professional affiliations? User reviews and ratings give you an idea of what to expect from a service. As you read testimonials, look out for possible red flags such as consistent issues on a particular line. Don’t settle on the available reviews on the site. See if they are accredited by independent bodies like BBB (Better Business Bureau) and CFIB (Canadian Federation of Independent Business), to mention a few. Independent sites offer a less-biased opinion as they don’t stand to gain or lose any business from the information availed.

Care terms

While easily overlooked, before you hire a home care service, understanding their terms and ensuring that you sign a contract is essential. A well-drafted contract protects everyone. Don’t settle for word of mouth agreement. Should something happen, you wouldn’t have a solid approach to protect your rights. With clear terms and a detailed contract, you’ll ensure that there is no confusion. Everyone knows what is expected from them, facilitating smooth progress.

The best services like Vera Home Care in London, Ontario, make it easier to care for your loved one in challenging situations. With their expertise and experience, you’ll ensure that your loved one maintains, to some degree, independence and normalcy. This helps them to enjoy a quality lifestyle despite the challenges.

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