What You Need To Consider When Designing Vinyl Signs For Your Small Business

by Sudarsan

One of the most effective and value-for-money methods for startups and small businesses, especially in the retail sector, is vinyl banners and signs. However, various things need to be factored in when designing them, otherwise, they will not have the effect and the ROI, you desire. Some of the top considerations in the design of vinyl banners and signs:

Size and Location 

To identify a good location for advertising signs, look out for places with high traffic of your target audience, is close to your store, and offer good visibility. You will also need to factor in the way your target audience will view the banners; they could be walking by or they could be in cars or buses passing by. These things are important because the environment is typically busy and distracting leaving most people with only a couple of seconds to notice, read, and understand what you are saying on the sign. The size of the banner is also an important factor in its ability to communicate. Many of the good locations will perhaps have several limitations, and you may not be able to put up a large enough sign. If you encounter this, you should consider only including the name of your business and the most important message. Look at alternative locations, perhaps close by where you can put up a larger sign that can carry more details. These vinyl signs will act to reinforce the branding and hammer in the communication.

Choice of the Visual

Even though you may be tempted to include a lot of product details in a bid to impress viewers, it is important to appreciate that most people can only spare a glance if it catches the eye, and they will never read anything that takes time to process. The best of banners have a bright color scheme or a single striking image to grab the attention of passersby. Try to choose a single arresting visual rather than multiple images that take too much time for passersby to process. Generally, speaking people tend to notice images that have a person’s face more than anything else.

Value-Added Headline

Because the visual will not be enough to communicate what you are trying to say, you will generally need a powerful caption that will add value to the visual and inform the target audience with enough information to encourage customers to visit your store. To people who are not aware of your business, just including the name of your business and its contacts may not yield any results. It is better to give a snappy caption that encapsulates what you offer along with a compelling CTA to catalyze action. A CTA comprises an action phrase that lets users know what to do next, according to Optimizely.


A banner or outdoor sign should be an exercise in brevity. Mist people cannot spare more than a couple of seconds to read and understand the message even if they notice the sign at all. You need to provide only information essential for the audience to know and give them an incentive to visit you.

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