Explaining the fundamentals of magnetic car signs with a few prominent benefits

by Sudarsan

If you have a business, chances are that you try to advertise your products or services through print, television, and radio. There’s another immediate and more affordable way to do so. It’s installing magnetic car signs on your personal or company. It’s a fantastic option for internet or local firms that want a captivating sign to draw new customers.

  • Magnetic car signs have the ability to literally convey everything. You create a magnetic design for advertising things your audience wants to know. Commercial or home-based businesses often use these signs. Companies provide consultancies or trading in the ambit also use magnetic signs. 
  • The signs commonly carry your business name, phone number, logo, mission objective, and contact information or website all in one. 
  • It’s important to be understandable and eye-catching. You can also use the signs to advertise where you’re parked or driving. 

Large businesses often use these signs on their corporate fleet. These signs resist elements and wind. They don’t have a one-size-fits-all design or shape. You select the print in compliance with the shape and size you need for your car, van, or truck. Its rounded corners provide a professional look.

Know the specifications

The material for quality custom magnetic car signs is flexible and durable magnetic sheet. It has 800 microns material thickness and 2570 GSM of graphic weight. The signs entail a full color, UV printing at 600 DPI. You use direct printing on premium substrate to print these signs. 

  • You need to follow three crucial steps before installing these signs on your car. 
  • The manufacturers deliver these signs in a roll foam. You need to straighten these signs before each application.
  • To straighten the car signs, gently nudge and flex them in the reverse direction. 

Van door magnets are a great way to connect to masses as they provide an additional medium of promotion. The vehicle magnets are unarguably the best to promote your business in a cost-effective manner. 

There are premier companies that help you customize the signs and banners according to your specific requirements. It helps you in understanding and evaluating your needs. You can tailor your banner to your business bandwidth. The UV and weather-resistant signs ensure that they don’t wither easily. 

The core properties

The main aspect of magnetic car signs is their high and consistent magnetic pull. You can print them in full colors with authentic solvent inks. You can then laminate the signs for making them long-lasting. 

  • Although you use the magnetic signs mostly on vehicle signage, vans, and cars, you can also apply them on ferrous or steel surface. 
  • They are very versatile and you can cut them to any size that suits your specific requisites and budget.
  • Both car door magnets and reflective magnetic signs are 600mm*250mm in width. The magnetic van signs and car magnets are 600*400mm and 550*250mm in width.

The premier companies produce premium magnetic signs by using top-class vehicle grade and industry-compliant magnetic sheet. There are online designing tools to design your custom magnetic signs. Choose from a range of sizes, fonts, logos, and colors.

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