Why Magento, Bigcommerce and OpenCart Are the Best CMS for Ecommerce Websites

by Sudarsan

Along with the rapid growth of the global e-commerce market, so has the number of e-commerce platforms and content management systems available. Under these circumstances, figuring out which platform to use to build your online store can be a daunting task, especially if you don’t have e-commerce experience. You can find bigcommerce developers for hire at Elogic. Below we present the best e-Commerce CMS for an online store in the form of an overview with their advantages and disadvantages.

Best Ecommerce Platforms for Online Businesses: Benefits of Using Ecommerce Hosting Platforms

They are:

  • Low development and maintenance requirements. No coding experience required, so no need for a development team. In addition, hosting is shared, which reduces server costs.
  • Improved technical support. Most online store builders have a strong technical support team to help users sort out any issues that arise.
  • Easier to work with. Most of these platforms have a user-friendly admin area designed for ease of use with an emphasis on users with limited technical knowledge.
  • Improved functionality. The many plugins, add-ons and themes available for content management systems allow you to add advanced functionality that is not available when using platforms hosted on your own server.
  • Improved customization options for the client.
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    Content management systems allow you to freely add / change functions, as well as create an individual design that would be unique for a particular brand. They also provide continuous improvements and optimization of the user experience on the site, which plays a central role in today’s highly competitive e-commerce industry.
  • Ability to support large stores and carefully designed websites. By being hosted on their own server, content management systems do not have a limit on the number of products or categories supported, so much larger stores and complex websites can be hosted on them.


Almost 21% of the 100,000 leading eCommerce stores are built on the Magento platform, making it by far the most popular and one of the best eCommerce CMS systems in use today. Its biggest advantages are the large number of plugins and extensions available that allow you to add any new functionality, ease of finding experienced developers, and lower overall development and maintenance costs.


  • Reliable platform with a high level of functionality and customization.
  • A large number of extensions available.
  • A very active community that will help with training materials and suggest various solutions to problems.
  • Improved search engine optimization support compared to most other systems.
  • High scalability. When scaling in the future, there will be no need to migrate to another platform. You can find here dedicated magento developer at Elogic.


  • To run efficiently at high speed, the system requires a significant amount of memory on the server. Smaller servers can cause speed and other issues.
  • Can be too complex for companies that are too small.


Opencart is another open source CMS system for e-commerce. Although it has one of the simplest administrative parts, its support systems are not as robust as those of the other platforms listed in this article.
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  • An easy-to-use administrative part.
  • Rich functionality thanks to the huge number of plugins.
  • CSS can be edited from the admin panel.


  • Some users report that some themes are difficult to install.
  • The accompanying documentation is not detailed enough.


Bigcommerce is another popular platform. 17% of the 100,000 leading ecommerce hosting sites, or 51,977 sites, are built on Bigcommerce.


  • Huge knowledge base. Bigcommerce University has a large number of supporting resources.
  • Easy to use interface.

Disadvantages: Some users claim that customer support is unreliable at times.

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