10 Advantages of Regular Software Quality Assurance (SQA)

by Sudarsan

Do you believe your development team is writing flawless code? Even the best development teams will make an error at some point in the development process. Any error made has the potential to drastically affect later stages of the software.

This is why no software company or business needs to invest in software quality assurance or SQA.

SQA is a process of analyzing, testing, and maintaining a set of requirements of a product. It checks a product’s functionality, performance, and usability while ensuring it can complete its primary objectives.

Releasing a product before testing it can lead to expensive mistakes costing you money, time, and your brand’s reputation. Do you want to guarantee the quality and reliability of your software product? Here are ten reasons why you need to add regular software quality assurance to your development process.

1. Testing Saves Time

Companies and clients looking to cut time on the development process of a product believe in skipping software quality assurance activities. Others believe the developers should be writing and checking flawless code. Your development team is human and therefore capable of making errors or missing major issues when testing their code as they go.

Adding a software quality assurance engineer or a team will speed up the development process. They work alongside developers testing the software at every stage. Fixing errors in the earlier stages of development is much easier than waiting until the product is complete.

2. Improve Business-Customer Relationships

Employing a testing engineer or SQA service such as Qualitylogic.com shows your customers you intend to offer a successful product. This will improve your customers’ confidence in your brand and your products.

Offering your customers subpar products riddled with flaws will test your customers’ patience. If this happens as little as one time, your customers will grow wary and start to distrust you and your brand. Maintain great customer relationships by always offering your customers the best possible product.

3. Offer a Great User Experience

Is your product easy, intuitive, and enjoyable to use? Products that are hard to navigate or have a learning curve negatively impact the user experience. A negative user experience will make your customers feel annoyed, frustrated, and dissatisfied with your product.

Customers want to use software that makes completing tasks faster and easier. Software quality assurance also tests the usability and experience of using a product. A product offering a better user experience will succeed and stand out from the rest.

4. Cut Corporate Losses

Will other businesses and enterprises be using your software products? If so, the stakes are high and your clients won’t have time to deal with any flaws in your product.

Software flaws in the corporate world can lead to data leaks, hampered workflows, and security breaches. These potential disasters will ruin the credibility of your brand.

Software testing is a valuable tool to ensure the reliability and security of your product.

5. Save Money

Providing your customers with faulty software will cost you a loss in customers and sales. If a customer experiences a major bug in your software, they won’t recommend your product to others and may request reimbursement.

Without proper quality assurance testing, errors will remain in the system and will become more expensive to fix. Software quality assurance will find and identify potential issues early in the development process. This allows for faster and cost-saving fixes.

SQA will also give you and your team an idea as to how long it will take to develop your software. Your team can focus on offering faster deliveries and execute business strategies.

6. Boost Confidence In Your Product

Software testing increases the quality of a product which increases your confidence in your product. Software testing will show you how reliable and efficient your software is. If there’s an issue, testers will catch it and you’ll be able to fix it.

Offering your customers higher quality products will also boost their confidence in your products and your brand. Quality software should always deliver value to your customers. Software testing ensures the quality of your product while boosting the value it has to offer.

7. Promote Productivity and Efficiency

Software quality assurance improves organization and efficiency by avoiding the chaos linked with faulty software and rushed fixes. The purpose of software quality assurance methods is to optimize time and productivity.

SQA works alongside agile development processes by having developers follow a timeline to complete and deliver chunks of the software. From there, software quality assurance engineers can test the product throughout its development. This streamlines both the development and testing processes of a product, cutting wasted time and improving productivity. Read more: Agile Development Process

8. Improve Brand Reputation

Your software products reflect the credibility and integrity of your brand’s reputation. Companies and developers offering untested products will cause their reputation to sink. After purchasing your software, customers will come across errors and start to distrust your brand.

Efficient software will reinforce the trustworthiness and integrity of your brand, improving your reputation.

9. Ensure Safety and Security

Software flaws and bugs compromise the security of a product. Some flaws, like errors in the software’s architecture, aren’t visible to the end-user and often lead to data leaks and cyber-attacks. If this happens with your software, you may face costly lawsuits and scandals while losing your customers’ trust.

Software quality assurance methods test for security weaknesses, allowing you to design a more secure product.

10. Reap Long-Term Benefits

SQA offers you and your company many long-term benefits. Besides saving you time and money, SQA will ensure you offer only the highest quality products. 

High-quality software products will lead to happier users. Happier users are likelier to become loyal long-term customers.

Happier customers will recommend your product to others and leave high reviews. This reinforces the reliability of your brand and will increase sales. Investing in software quality assurance is a long-term investment in your brand and company.

Improve Your Products with Software Quality Assurance

Do you want your software products to stand out from the competition? Investing in software quality assurance will push you and your development team to improve your products. This ensures you offer only the highest quality software to your customers.

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