3 Fascinating Reasons To Get Genetic Testing

by Sudarsan Chakraborty

Every individual is special. Your genes contribute to your individuality. Genes are the blueprints that every one of our cells has within it. They have complete power over how people appear and also how our body processes. As everyone’s genes are different, everybody has a unique sequence of instructions. One of the reasons you are special is because of your genes!

The secrets of our genetics are being unraveled by scientists all across the world. From the disorders, you are most prone to get to wherever your forefathers come from, studying your genomes illuminates your past and future. But, what exactly is a gene? What are their origins? And how do your genes shape you into the person you are?

DNA testers like CRI Genetics can extract complex data in your DNA and provide it to you in an engaging, informative, and convenient style. Your genetic code contains a treasured wealth of information. These secrets can help you not only learn more about your ancestors but also make decisions that can lead to a better, happier future.

Your Genes Decide How Old You Get

A widespread myth regarding genes is that a single gene controls all of your physical characteristics. They’re considerably more complicated, intriguing, and amazing in reality.

There’s a strong chance you’ll be able to enjoy your 72nd birthday as your grandfather did. Our aging is largely influenced by our genetics – not only how old we stay, as well as how mentally and physically fit we are.

The notion that people live to be quite old while some others never reach pension age is due in part to inherited molecular variances in our genes’ DNA coding.
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You Can Diagnose A Family Disease

Parents pass down sets of genes to their offspring. These genes can be mixed and matched in a variety of ways to create new combinations.

A single mutation in the DNA of a single gene causes thousands of diseases. Many of these illnesses are uncommon. When a person is born with a mutant gene, they are more likely to develop certain disorders.

If you have a family history of a rare disease, make a note of it. Don’t forget to educate yourself on common health issues that affect your family.

Prevention For A Disease That You May Get In Future

If you don’t yet have a condition, learning you have a gene mutation for it may motivate you to adopt a positive lifestyle or behavioral adjustments to reduce your risk of developing it.

This could be beneficial in the case of Alzheimer’s disease.
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If you know you have a higher risk of Alzheimer’s disease due to a genetic mutation, you can alter your lifestyle to reduce your risk.

Observation and early treatment can save a life of a patient in some genetic illnesses (e.g. early diagnosis of hereditary cancer). The development of genetic testing could be relevant for family planning in the future.


Pretty much every single cell in our body contains our DNA. Each gene carries instructions for making proteins in your cells. Proteins are responsible for a variety of functions in your cells, including the production of eye pigments, the energizing of muscles, and the defense against invading microorganisms.

You can find out which problems exist in your family by looking at your family’s medical history. Medical issues that appear at an earlier age than usual may show a higher risk in your lineage. You may not be able to modify your DNA, but you can alter your behavior.

Health problems that appear at an earlier age than usual may indicate a higher risk in your family. Though you cannot change your genes, you can change your behavior.

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